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Ingrown hair/ lump on bikini line ? watch

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    This is going to sound pretty gross, but umm I think I have an ingrown hair on my bikini line that is sort of spreading, kinda.
    I can't see the hair, so I used some sterilised tweezers and a needle to see if I could get a hair out, and all it did was puss a fair amount. But now it has become quite a big lump, its relatively hard and I am getting a little worried about it =S It just pusses slightly, or bleeds and I don't really know what to do, its in a pretty embarrassing place to show anyone.

    Can anyone suggest what to do? I've put some witch hazel on it, but its painful if I put pressure on it. What should I doooo?!
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    Just leave it. It should go away on it's own. Don't keep bothering it, or you'll only make it worse.

    If you can't see a hair, it's more likely to be a sebacious cyst. Might be useful to go to the doctor and get antibiotics for it. You can also put a warm flannel on it. I wouldn't carry on putting witch hazel on it.

    Go to the doctor's if it's really painful/uncomfortable. They've seen it all before and will be able to sort it out for you pronto xx

    I've had this before OP. I jabbed it with a sterlised needle and squeezed the hell out of it and it burst (very satisfying), and then I could find the hair and remove it. However I was left with a bit of a scar from it - not too bad, but still you could probably get your doctor to do it more professionally!

    (Original post by punkyrocker)
    I jabbed it with a sterlised needle and squeezed the hell out of it and it burst (very satisfying)
    Haha! This cracked me up, I know the exact feeling :yep:

    Also OP, I've had a few of these, they're nothing big or major, they usually go in a few days if you just leave it.
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