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    Hi, I couldn't find anything about this anywhere... I was just wondering whether anyone knows what Cambridge's policy are on GCSE retakes please? Sorry, I know it's quite a specific question, but I couldn't find anything on it anywhere and I was just wondering if anyone might know anything about it.

    I was hoping to retake my maths and core science GCSEs from two years ago, but I don't know what they would think about it, as obviously they seem like they would prefer someone who got the gardes the first time round? I had Bs in both of them, but I was just worried in case I retook them to get better results, and (if) I had an interview they might ask why I decided to retake them??? :confused: (I'd be applying post-A level btw as well).

    Thank-you so much to anyone who is prepared to answer this!! I'm really sorry if I seem really lazy because I haven't found anything on this (I have looked, honestly!! ) And sorry for the long post!! :rolleyes:


    (Original post by fumblewomble)
    Hi Emerlina,

    There's no specific policy. And there are no requirements for performance at GCSE level (with the exception of Medicine).

    Several things to note:

    *You will have to declare all exams taken on your UCAS form so they will see both your original grades and your retake grades.
    *Even if you were to get A*s in you retakes you would not look as good as someone who got A*s without retakes.
    *Doing well in GCSE's doesn't really show anything when you are an A level student - you should do well in them - it's an expectation rather than an achievement.
    *They will expect you to spend your sixth form years doing A level standard work, not GCSE standard work which does not require or develop the same levels of analysis.
    *You would be much better spending the time on your A levels and performing in them to a very high standard. Remember that Cambridge are interested in the UMS marks as well as the overall grades.

    Clearly you believe that you could improve your GCSE grades. However what will be important (especially if you apply post-A level) is that you get really good A level results and explore and think about your A level subjects thoroughly. Cambridge do take people who have underperformed for whatever reason at GCSE if they are doing brilliantly in their A levels and give a good performace at interview. After all, you sit your GCSE's aged 16. What Cambridge are really interested in is the level you are performing at now and your potential to do well in the future on a Cambridge course.

    Look at what Cambridge say here and here .

    Good luck

    I took Maths GCSE in year 10 (not out of choice :p:) and got a C, then retook in year 11 and got an A. So they would see the C I got as well as the A then? Hopefully if I did apply they wouldn't look down on that too much

    (Original post by fumblewomble)
    Agh, don't get me started on the stupidity of schools that make people sit exams before they're ready!

    Anyway, yes, you will have to declare your C however it will be obvious that you took it a year early and that when you took it at the right time like everyone else you did very well. Don't worry about it.
    Arg, I know, I really didn't want to do it but my school had other ideas :rolleyes:

    Thanks a lot
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