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    This has made me feel horrible over the last month and its affecting my well-being.

    Basically, before xmas, I went to a party at a friends and met Girl A. She said to a friend that she liked me. I ended up getting her number and started to speak via texts and facebook. I see her a few times and on the 21st December, I ask her out at about 11 oclock and she says yes.

    On xmas eve, I get a text saying, sorry, it doesnt feel right. Were finished.

    Great....xmas...dumped.....ahead of an 8 hour shift...couldnt be better :L
    A few days later I ask if there was any chance of us being together again, and she makes it clear that we "have no future".

    So yea, I get told by a friend that Girl B might have a thing for me.

    So, over new year, since early January, I have spoken to this girl. We have both said that we really like each other and there is an undeniable spark there. However, she is freinds with Girl A....

    ...and this is where my life becomes plagued...

    On my Birthday (13th), Girl A asks a friend to tell me that she basically likes me still...at which point I say sorry, I don't feel the same, but we can still be friends.
    Girl B and I are really getting along well and its almost too good to be true. Theres an unreal vibe between us and its painful to be away from her.
    Girl B says that we cant happen unless its ok with Girl A.
    Eventuall I pluck up the courage tonight to ask girl A if shed be ok with me seeing Girl B...

    I get a "not really" as an answer

    I tell Girl B, and she says that we can never happen, and I reckon she wont speak to me again.
    The thing that hurts the most is that myself and Girl B like each other a really great deal...and I mean a really great deal. Its been making me ill, ie, not sleeping, eating, struggling at uni.

    Is Girl A being selfish or manipulative....what can I do...am I destined to be single in this case...

    Ive never had a dark side....but this is really making me feel down
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