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Confuzzled.. watch

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    One of my friends ended up going to the same uni as me this year, she's living in a house with 3 guys this year and we've all grown really close. Probably because we're all from the same town (know the same people/go to to same places.. yet have never met before uni miraculously)..

    So one of the guys (lets call him er.. Tom) is in a relationship with a girl whose at a uni an hour away, they've been together 2 years but their relationship is slowly but surely breaking down.. she seems a bit crazy to be honest - says he's not allowed to be in photos, no one but her is allowed to post on his facebook, he's not allowed to speak to any girls, especially my friend who he lives with (who is now dating his best friend anyway) plus she calls him every night and shouts at him and stresses him out..

    Then about a month ago they split up and we all breathed a sigh of relief that we could have happy, up for a laugh Tom back! yay! we had a great couple of weeks going out alot and everything.. and somewhere along the line we ended up getting real close not rly sure how it happened! We were all in his room one night, the guys were playing COD and us girls were spectators lol.. and everyone else went to bed and me and Tom stayed up really late talking about like.. EVERYTHING i don't think we even slept properly :/

    Then a few nights later me, Tom and another of the guys were under a duvet on the sofa watching a film with everyone & they left us & we ended up cuddling and he kept stroking my hand & things like that?!

    Long story short.. we ended up spending a couple more nights together talking 'til literally the sun came up.. and i remember him saying something like "I think i'm better suited to being in a relationship, it feels so odd being single" and i think i may have said "i love being single" ..

    Anyway we all went home for the christmas hols and he got back with his gf but was too coward to tell any of us.. now we've gone back to uni we can all see he's unhappy :/

    Feeling really confused right now..
    because.. i really like this guy and i care about him but he's clearly got some stuff going on with his gf & i just can't be dealing with the drama, that sounds awful but i used to fight for the people i cared about but, is there much point?

    sorry about the essay but, what shall i do?!

    He needs to wake up and dump the girlfriend. After said breakup, you need to give him some time.

    LDR's can work, but not with the type of girlfriend he has. Give him time, be there for him.
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