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    I thought you were my girlfriend, the ONLY thing different about her story is - she doesn't eat crisps :P
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    (Original post by *Star*Guitar*)
    What's so hard about moving dishes out of the sink to wash your own? Go buy some washing up gloves, stick all theirs on the side and get on with it. Don't see the problem there.
    And asking them to stop using your pots and food is hardly unreasonable; if you feel like you can't say that to them then you can't really complain as they're just going to think its ok.
    You haven't seen the amount of utter crap that's on the sides.. or the amount of disgusting stuff that's in the sink.

    The libary is where it's at, I don't understand why people NEEED to study at home when they know it's gonna be a racket

    invest in a pair of earplugs, at my uni they play hall foot ball till 5 most nights, the earplugs usually do the trick

    About the milk and food, can you not keep it in your room or invest in a mini fridge? lso have a word with them if they are decent they will consider your feelings too but they probabbly don't know aanything is wrong if you haven't told them!

    (Original post by You-Rock-My-World)
    That is a very cowardly thing to do. Snitching and then denying it? Get a backbone. Snitching will make the problem worse, and you will soon lose all your friends at uni. The reason why these flatmates walk over you is because you let them. You need to make a good first impression that you're not a walkover when you start uni, otherwise this will happen.
    If anybody did this to me I'd put them up against a wall and tell them they're not using any of my stuff ever and to keep their music down.
    To be honest, the OP doesn't sound like the type to 'put them up against a wall', so I was fitting the advice to the situation. It's better to get the problem sorted with as little confrontation/awkwardness as possible, otherwise she'll hate to live in the flat for the rest of the year. Sorry if you disagree, but I think the most important thing for the OP is to create and then maintain a happy living environment for the rest of her time with her flatmates. Snitching won't make the problem worse if her flatmates do not know it was her - that's all I was saying. She doesn't have to actively lie and deny it, just not make it known that it was her.

    Editted to reply to the OP's comment

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    The problem is they leave all their dirty dishes piled up in the sink so I can't wash mine either. So whether they use my dishes or not I still can't wash them :-(
    I've told them to turn their music down before, but with all three of them playing it it's hard to make them all do it

    as for the nap and coffee idea.. im going to have to today. they have lectures this afternoon so i can have a sleep while they're out. i cant wait but hopefully il be able to sleep tonight as welll, as they are really taking the mick with it all now. we have a number of common rooms and a student union bar to make noise in, so why do it where people are trying to sleep..

    its alright for them, all their lectures are in the afternoon, but literally ALL of mine are first thing and its a bloody pain!
    It must be possible for you to move the dishes - invest in some rubber gloves, and just move them - if there's no countertop space, put them on the floor, use the sink and then replace them. Then wash your stuff, dry it and store it in your room.

    People with different schedules have different priorities unfortunately, and they can obviously stay up much later than you. However this could work to your advantage - if you're at home while they're at lectures, that's probably 3 or 4 good hours of free, quiet time you have with them out. Just try to adjust your working schedule - take work and work in the library, or take work to the library when they begin to play their music loudly. As for the sleeping, either ask them individually to keep it down as you're literally about to jump in bed, or invest in brilliant earplugs (although that raises the issue of an alarm, but you could put it on vibrate under your pillow, or something).

    Uproot. Move.
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