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    hmm..id be slightly hurt...but then might aswell keep him happy so he keeps coming back :

    (Original post by nah444)
    Just because he if going to watch football and delayed a date doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate a relationship. By the sounds of it he made a genuine human mistake.

    Where as the date can easily be re-arranged the football game cannot - as I explained in my previous post, football to a lot of people- including girls, is very a important part of their lives.

    exursist, maybe you should go watch a football game at your local clubs stadium and make an effort to understand it. You may then realise why billions of people around the world find it such an important part of their lives. exursist - have you ever blown off your BF to go out with mates or shopping????

    To the op - by what you have wrote it sounds as your bf made a genuine mistake. Maybe, as suggested go and watch the game with him? You will probably enjoy the experience of going to a stadium and enjoy the atmosphere which you can't experience by watching games on TV, its something that everyone should try out.

    dude, im the one quoting the other dude wu said its jus a ********* football game.!

    I luv football, even more than women
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    Football is more than a game - a football club represent the area it is in and the ethical values of the people that live in the area
    So football stands for ethnic tensions and hooliganism, lovely. A football club represents its own spoilt players and profits, nothing more.
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    (Original post by Antonia87)
    I'd be a little pissed - although saying that, I know someone who missed the birth of his child so he could watch the sodding football. Pathetic really innit.
    Really? That does make me think males are pathetically vain and selfish.
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