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    At the moment, I'm really struggling to cope with stuff.. It's just all the little things adding up, and I was wondering if you could give me any advice

    I'm in yr 12, doing AS's, but I'm taking an accelerated maths course which means I do my A2 in a year. This means we get twice as much work as is normal, plus extra work to get the same level of understanding we would have over a two year course.. At the beginning of the year I could keep on top of it all, but I started to get behind just before Xmas and now it's all built up so much.. What's worse is that I just don't understand and of it, at all, which means when I try to catch up I end up looking up how to do every single question, and then getting the answers wrong anyway. In a maths lesson yesterday I asked my teacher for help, but even with her explanations it was completely beyond me and I just burst out into tears, and which point she chose to go and help someone else.

    On top of all the maths work I still have the usual amount of work (a lot) from my other subjects so I seem to have the choice of catching up with maths or keeping up with all my other subjects. Naturally, I choose the latter, not wanting to get this behind on all my other subjects, but this means I fall further and further behind in maths.

    I also do a lot outside of school - I play the violin and I'm in 4 orchestras and a quartet - lots less time outside of school. I'm doing my grade 8 and my teacher says I should be practising for at least an hour a day. I just can't find the time, and what's worse I'm suddenly hating the way I sound when I play. Apparently this means "my ear is improving" but how bad I sound is enough to make me cry and want to quit. I'm embarrassed to play in the orchestras/quartets I'm in because of how bad I sound. I have an Alevel music performance in a fortnight and I don't want to play because I hate the way I sound..

    To top it all off I really like this guy in my music class, but he'll never notice me (I bet you've heard this before :|) because I'm just the violin player (I'm sure you know the stereotypes) and he's a very attractive, cool drummer. I don't know what to do to make him notice me but I've never had a boyfriend/been kissed or anything so actually it scares me quite a lot.

    I'm also terrified that I won't be able to keep up with the work at uni and I'm scared of leaving home. I've consistently been the top of my year at school but that's only more pressure on me. Every spare moment I have I'm in tears, I guess I kinda disgust myself.

    What's wrong with me/my life?? And what can I do to change it? I can't cope with this. Thanks,

    Sorry for the length!

    Did you pizza when you were meant to french fry?
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