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What do you think of this coat? watch


    If you buy that then I will have to stereotype you.

    You will look like one of these guys that get he 7.30 train into the city centre every morning. wear those coats, leather gloves, stripy scarf, hair usually long or very neat and a brief case or bag of some sort. They always manage to get a metro.

    They always take out an iphone or blackberry or some Dell handheld thing and proceed in partaking in some charade to make them look important and involved!

    One time the conductor came into my carriage and was an equal distance away from me and one of these guys. He asked who needed a ticket after checking the people that already had passes etc He said "yeh" a fraction of a second before me but i said it louder. The conductor turned to me and i apologised to the other guy and offered him the chance to buy his ticket first.

    he looked at me liked had unbuckled my belt, pulled my jeans down, pants down, and taken a dump right there on the seat.

    Also the other day, the trains on my usual line were ****** up. They were all getting cancelled after being told they would be here etc etc etc. so I waited for about an hour to see if one would show up. at 8 o'clock one of these guys came to the platform and seen 'cancelled' on the board. It had been there for 30 mins already but the tannoy guy was keeping us updated. anyway he thought it was appropriate to shout "*********" (if that was censored - rude word for bum aimed at train people).

    And i was like "oh cause you are the only one thats not gonna get to college, work etc. none of the other 15 people that have been hanging around for 30 mins are gonna be late. You are the only person that matters mr important. It happens ffs.

    yeh so dont buy the coat or you will be one of these guys...

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