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    The 6th form at my school has a bad rep for having crap teachers, but little other 6th forms in my area offer the exact same subjects I want to study.

    I enjoy all the subjects which I will pick at A Levels but it depends heavily on what teacher I get and their method of teaching.

    Should I sacrifice one of my subjects in order to get into a prestigous 6th form, where most of its students end up going to really good uni's (KCL, UCL, Cambridge etc.)
    or shall I pursue the subjects which I want to do and try to overcome the obstacles I may face at my current 6th form school?
    What would you do? Thanks.

    as long as you get the grades, it doesn't matter where you go. obviously somewhere with ''good teachers'' is better than ''bad teachers''

    Get the grades. It doesn't matter in the least what 6th form/college you go to.
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    I guess it has an effect, but ultimately it will come down to yourself. For example, I knew a girl who was on a similar intelligence level to me, who after GCSEs went to a very good local private school that costs about £20,000 to go to, whereas I stayed at my state school which has below average A-level results. I spoke to her recently and discovered she did the same A-levels as me, and for AS level she got AAAC where I got AAAA. She also applied to lower ranked universities than me, for the same subject (economics). It really comes down to how determined you are, and how hard you work.

    However better sixth forms I think definitely help you more with getting into good universities. At my school I got no help with my Cambridge application, but I bet if I was at a private school I'd be getting interview practice sessions and stuff.

    In my experience (my sixth form's quite good), having decent teachers who will be able to back up your enjoyment of the subject with expansion of your knowledge is really useful. However, it does depend on your level of involvement and your interpretation of what constitutes a good teacher. Obviously if you've encountered some of the teachers in your sixth form lower down in the school that'll help inform your decision (a lot of mine are the same as I've had for years, and the others other people have had, ask around!). The sixth form you go to will have absolutely no bearing on what a uni thinks of your application, and if you have the drive to aim for the unis you've mentioned and want to do the subjects that your sixth form offers over going somewhere apparently "better" then you should be fine. Whilst most of their students end up going to the UCL/Cambridge kind of place, you could still be one of the people from your sixth form going there However, whilst my sixth form did help Oxbridge applicants a fair bit, some don't and you might want to consider that.

    Some people can be considered crap teachers by others when you might find them a great teacher - my Media course for example is full of people who hate our current teacher because they're used to being told more specific information and copying things down, rather than going out and researching themselves (which I think makes a pretty great teacher!). Don't worry about the reputation of your sixth form, look into what teachers you're likely to get for your subjects and stay positive about it.

    Personally, if you're that set on the subjects you want to take, I'd stick where you are. Just be sure and good luck I'd definitely reccommend finding out more about your teachers though, if it's considered to be a major problem there.
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