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Another Valentine's Day thread watch

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    Actually.. hopefully this one will be a little different/less sickening (no guarantees).

    I'm a girl. I've never given much thought to VD in fact I agree with many that it's kinda stupid. My opinion on it has, however, transformed favourably now that I actually have a bf to do the whole shebang with.

    I'm not that fussed over valentine's - think it would be nice to go out for a meal or the cinema, something casually romantic.. then go home and have sex.

    I suggested to my boyfriend that we don't buy presents or anything silly, and he agreed. However - HE CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Because any excuse to spend too much money on me and he's there, buying those expensive earrings.

    "She's complaining that he buys her stuff?!?" I hear you cry. Well it's not like I don't like receiving gifts it's just I want to be fair - and it's not right him spending loads of money just cause he's a guy.

    Now I'm in a pickle. Because :p: I anticipate him buying me something (not that I would be dissapointed if he didn't) and I feel in this instance I should buy him something back. Something small and nice - but then I'm kinda breaking the rules of an agreement I made right? And if he doesn't buy me something, and I buy him something.. then he'll be sad

    I struggle buying him presents at the best of times. I only wanna be a good girlfriend :cry2:
    It's not like I can just buy him flowers or chocolates - he doesn't like those things :p:

    I was thinking.. instead maybe I can just put on some surprise sexy lingerie.. and if he really has bought me some expensive present than I can pay for the meal/cinema? Then it will be a gift from me kind of.

    Guys would this be enough to make you feel happy/loved? Is that a fair arrangement? I don't wanna be unfair or unloving. And I dunno.. valentine's isn't a big deal to me, but he's a bit of a romantic so maybe he sees it as some big deal (I would ask, but he would not confess).

    Should I just stop worrying about it? :p:

    Even if it wasn't valentine's he might buy me something and I would probably do the whole lingerie thing and we would probably still go to the cinema just cause we won't have seen each other in a while.
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