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    Recently i've been feeling down all the time and just cry all the time, i just dont want to be myself, and feel like i cant get anything right. The worst part is that I feel guilty about these feelings, because i cant find any good reason to attribute my negative feelings to, which makes me feel pathetic. I don't feel I can talk to anyone about the way I feel, because the answer might be "you've got no reason to feel the way you do".

    I have trouble sleeping, because I'm kept awake by negative thoughts, and I keep sufffering from sleep paralysis and usually it shouldnt happen weekly, but that just adds to everything really, because now im just scared to go to sleep.

    Im just not sure what to do, because usually i feel lonely, which makes me what to talk to someone, but when i'm with people i just feel like a want to be alone, so i cant seem to make myself happy.
    I'm not close to anyone in my family, so i dont want to talk to anyone of them about it, and i dont feel comfortable talking to my friends.

    i really dont want to see a doctor, because i feel like i'll be told theres nothing wrong with me, which will make me feel like its just the way i am, and i dont particularly want to be like this.
    however, if im told i have some sort of anxiety disorder, it will probably just make me feel worse.

    I just want to know from other people what it is they think i going through, or whether i'm just being silly..

    Sounds like depression to me, but see a doc about it though.
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    I'm really sorry that you're going through such a difficult time without someone with whom you can talk. However hard it may seem, I think it would be best if you could manage to contact your GP or a counselling service. I'm sure they'll take you very seriously and from what you've described it does sound more like depression than an anxiety disorder. I was recently diagnosed with depression myself, so I can relate a bit to what you're experiencing. First of all, don't feel guilty. Depression is a physical illness and a feeling of all-encompassing (and seemingly unfounded) sadness is characteristic of that. An extraordinary number of people experience some form of depression at some point in their lives, but it's still made to be a social taboo. I hope you can get some help soon. If you're uncomfortable talking to your friends (I felt like that, too), then a sympathetic counsellor may be the best option. Try to think of it as an illness which can be very painful, but for which there are also lots of possible treatments and from which you can make a full recovery. Hope you get better soon.
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