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    At Gcse, i got 1A*(R.S), 10As and a B (maths)
    at as level i got A (english), C (Physics), C (Biology), C (General Studies), D (Chemistry)

    Admittedly in the chemistry and biology, our isas were messed up by college so the whole years redoing them which should bump my grade up.

    Im stuck now between studying english litereature and veterinary science at university.

    I wanted to be a vet since I was 14 and have got over ten weeks work experience at various places to do with veterinary.

    However, when i was 17, my passion for english which really id had a love for since year 7 grew and i enjoy it so much more than my other a level subjects.

    So, now im faced with a dilemma...veterinary science or english literature. Having already applied for english and got into some very good unis (considering the as level grades!), could I risk going to clearing/ taking a year out for veterinary??...what if i dont get in? I already struggle with the sciences- paticularly chemistry so much and english to me is just easy! Then of course theres the money...english graduates earn a pittance generally whereas veterinary science you're almost guaranteed a good salary (massive generalisations, I know!).
    (The grades for english and vet science are both AAA)

    So what do people think??xxx


    You would probably be better posting this on the vet forum but I'll give you my first ideas based on your post

    AFAIK you need an A in at least chemistry for all vetmed courses, (and ideally A in biology and physics/maths too). Before I moved abroad I looked at graduate entry to vetmed in the UK and even though I had a good (2.1) relevant (Animal Science) degree, some of the unis still insisted that I had an A in A Level Chemistry (which I don't!).

    If you really want to go to vet school then you would have to retake your A levels and get an A in all of them (obviously not general studies!), you also need loads of work experience.

    Yes, you are more likely to find a job if you study vetmed, with English I suppose the classic job is teaching? If you are finding science hard now then vetmed is not necessarily the best course to take......but saying that I had useless chemistry and physics teachers at school and got rubbish grades - but had no real problem with my first degree and now VetMed (my course is in German too )

    Good luck, try posting on the Vetmed Forum as they will be able to help you with more up-to-date info......taking a year out and retaking your A levels will be the absolute minimum necessary though
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    You sound like you'd rather study English, so stick with that. Good luck

    I was a bit like you... from when I was like 3 until I was 12 I wanted to be a vet but I one day I realised I had changed my mind... it sounds like you do prefer English now so I suggest go for that. You are allowed to change your mind on what direction you want to go in..
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