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Being a mature student of 29 who has student friends of under 19.... watch


    (Original post by L i b)
    Ah, page one of the Paedos' Handbook.

    There was a girl in our 6th form who was 21, so she was was people aged 16 - 18 and we all got on with her fine
    Age is just a number I s'pose! :dontknow:

    wtf as the oldest student in college and maybe in uni come sept i have no probs with anyones age. all people are different just celebrate that fact,its what makes life interesting. some of the most amazing people you will ever meet have grey hair,hard to belive at 25 i know.

    (Original post by ScouseEmma28)
    Just my thoughts on what it's like being a mature student nearly hitting 30 being friends with students who are 19 and under...

    Being a typical scouser, I'm bubbly, often crack a joke and mega friendly so meeting new students wasn't a problem for me because I usually break the ice first. The last 4 months I have developed a number of friendships with students who are 10 years younger than me plus one who is just turned 25. They are all from different parts of the country so straight away, there is a difference in types of humour. They probably laugh more at me (in a nice way because im always cracking jokes) than I do at their own attempted humour although one of the girls is Irish and we hit it off quite well and I think that's because of the irish-scouse history connection. Whilst I do equally think highly of them all, there are times where I really love being around my friends near my own age. Like, topics about sex, relationships, problems at work ......these are topics that most people aged 19 have never had experience of so it kind of limits the conversation at times. Plus, what they find highly amusing (like it could be really silly to us old farts) is MEGA hilarious to them and i'll sit there and just don't get it because well, I'm not their age am I? lol

    It is refreshing at times to be with girls who are alot younger than me because they make me feel young at times and they've got a very carefree approach about life unlike myself who has experienced alot of stress and **** since I was 16, hahah, so at times I feel like i'm too serious in my conversation content, BUT, it would not be considered too serious with my friends who are my own age or older.... Then there's going to clubs/bars where it's mostly kids - i'm lucky upto now because we've been to bars and clubs where there is a good mixture of ages, but i've yet to go to the clubs where I KNOW it's going to be mostly 18/19 year olds and I know my student friends want to go there soon. LOL. I remember before I started Uni I was over anxious about meeting new friends at uni because it's such a massive experience for anyone, particularly mature students over the age of 28. I am the only student over the age of 20 in all my tutorials/lectures and most of the time it doesn't bother me in the slightest because im young at heart myself but I have to say that at times I do wish I would meet other mature students around my own age.
    Owww, why couldn't you have said "mature students over the age of 29, rather than 28, I'm going in sept just after my 28th birthday, haha. Oh well. I worry about the issues you have brought up too. But, I am quite outgoing, maybe even loud sometimes ha, and I do look younger than my 28 yrs. It is a massive step though, I suppose you just have to think of the long term benefits and enjoy the work each day at uni.
    Anywho, hope all goes well x
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    KimberleyJane - 21 is nowhere near the age nor experience of a near 30 year old!! Obviously there won't be any issues there because she's only a baby herself!! Im talking about LIFE EXPERIENCES - at 21 you haven't really lived much of your life...

    To re-iterate my point, I have NO PROBS whatsoever in socialising with young students, studying with them or chatting to them in general - im talking about discussing serious things that most people have experienced by the age of 30!!

    Anyway, I suspect most of the people who are on this forum are 22 or younger so you're still missing my point...

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