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    please keep anon one time

    up until the age of about 13 i always saw revision as cheating, i mean lets look at it logically. if someone asks you a question you either know the answer or you dont right? but if someone tells you they are going to be a questioned in say a couple of days you have time to find out that answer. hence it doesnt really achieve anything.

    i just feel really lost. every day i wake up thinking i'm going to do something with my life today, i'm going to achieve something, and yet it never happens. i never achieve anything its just another day wasted. by the time i achieve the damn grades i'll have meant to at a level it will have taken me 4 years. not because i was stuipid but because i've never seen the point to learning. sure i could achieved a lot. so now i'm 2 years behind. i guess thats nothing when a 65 year old looks back and says hey i should be 63 right now. but the different at 18->20 is what 10% of a life span. i mean were only here for a short time.

    what i'm asking is how can i successfully achieve something, i mean i could read books prepare to do a degree, but if its not in the course its ''worthless knowledge'' we are imposed into a system where we are told what we must know and ones memory is what separates people until the highest level of education.

    what i'm asking for is guidance. how can i each day truely achieve something worthwhile, feel like im truely contributing to eventually shaping the the world in which we all co-exist.

    i know it is likely i sound arragant or whatever but thats not the case, i know that there are way better people out there than myself, and deep down somethign like teaching perhaps would appeal to me as i believe everyone has the capacity to learn and besides anything we need to know is in books anyway so why must we learn certain facts?

    to be honest i guess i dont know why im writing this or what help i would expect to recieve, just im sick of wasting every day of my life. and yet when i'm trying to learn stuff theres always a ''this has no purpose'' its just wasting the space of something useful.
    i mean at the end of the day people talk about haqrd subjects and soft subjects.
    you tell me the difference between saying:
    The camera angle used was a medium long shot
    that organelle is the rough endoplasmic reticulum

    okay so the bottom one has a few more letters in it, but essentially its the same yet we look down on the top line as its from a ''soft subject''

    i really just feel like everything i do is a waste of time.
    does anyone else feel like this?
    what do you do about it?
    how do you try and improve yourself before your ultimate demise in 70-100years time?

    sure i have goals i want to achieve, but surely prestudying etc doesn't really matter a damn if i have to relearn it etc?

    p.s. dont bother commenting on my SPAG its incorrect for a reason.
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