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    Ive been considering this course for a while now but after hearing many opinions im beginning to wonder if it really is as hard as people say or if its exaggerated

    I took my GCSE Maths early at the end of year 10 and was only 4 UMS (less then 4 marks in the exam) marks from an A*, Im currently doing OCR Additional Maths (FSMQ) and finding it fairly easy. I do enjoy Maths

    Just looking for any opinions/experiences with the course, so is it really as hard as people claim it to be? And for those who have done this course, how would you compare it to just A Level Maths?


    If you're good at Maths, and you like it, then really it's quite fun and not too hard
    Personally I find the FP1 topics most interesting out of anything of the other maths module I take (C1, C2, D1, S1, M1) and it's good if you're considering Maths, Physics, Engineering, Economics/Finance at University...

    I find the applied modules the hardest, doing M1,M2,D1,D2, S1 and S2 very challenging. The problem for me it isnt the MATHS thats the problem, its learning various rules and when to apply them.
    Its worth alot for university and shows what type of person you are, they only let the brighter pupils take it where i go.
    Fp2 is annoying apparently but havent done that yet. This is coming from a person who isnt doing maths degree, so im not really "into" maths, i just know its very useful thing to have.
    Compared to normal Maths its just the applied modules really, the pure stuff is just different, FP1 is nice but Fp2 is apparently a harder version of C4.
    GCSE is a complete joke compared to A level, so some people can hack a levels, others crumble. I have seen people with 10 A* at GCSE fail a levels, and people with 2 A* do really well. Its more in depth, some like that and find it interesting, some either excel when its easy, and fail when its challenging.
    Hope it helped.

    I <3 Further maths! It's awesome! If you love maths and more importantly, if you are good at maths, you'll be fine. Keep on top of your work and if you have to learn stuff, learn it as soon as you get it. You should do it, it really is fun. There will be times when you'll want to kill yourself because it does get challenging but when you reach that brick wall, don't just give up on it, because that's the worst thing you can do (I gave up and I kind of wish I'd stopped moaning about it and actually used that time to revise instead). So yeah, do it if you are into maths and you don't mind statistics, logicy stuff and mechanics (although they aren't as essential as LOVING maths)

    Hmm, I'd recommend it if you're a quick learner, and able to apply old ideas in new ways to new things.

    It helps a lot that you enjoy Maths. I excel in anything I enjoy, but things I don't, i.e RS Half GCSE where I got a D.
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Updated: January 28, 2010
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