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Hi! I hold an offer for Business and Management at QMUL but now I often feel that it might be a course which is kinda like a place for those who don't know anything special. I mean, what is it all about? It's not exactly Social sciences, it's not Math, it's not Science...

I just would like to hear your opinions whether it is a decent course to study or not...I did not apply to Economics but I feel that it might have been a better choice, as it might(?) be more respected. Also, I am interested in Econ as well (BUT I really do not have a preference). And also, I am worried that the courses would be too easy at Business M. and I would be surrounded with students who don't care about learning at all. (not as if I only cared about that...). Or this is all wrong? (I wish it was)

So, is there a great difference between the reputation of Business Management and Econ at QMUL?

I would really appreciate your help

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