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    Didnt really no where to post this thread. Before you start reading, yes it goes somewhere. I know it reads kinda random and aimless but it draws together at the end.

    Anyway (oh and sorry, i'm thinking this is gonna be long) I'm at college doing a HNC (scottish qual) at the moment and have applied to several universities. I finished sixth year at school last summer and in November was lucky to receive some appeals for my grades. This obviously meant I gained a couple grades (2 C's to 2 B's). We all know the difference between a B and a C in terms of getting into uni. Anyway I'm waiting for my offers at the moment and am pretty certain i will get a couple unconditionals as i have the exact min entry requirements for one course and have exceeded the min entry requirements for another. If i do get these unconditional then I would accept one of them and therefor college would be not needed anymore. We'll get back to this situation later.

    Secondly, I have a part-time job that I think would be hard to beat for any 17/18 year old. The pay is great, I have good hours, I can get the odd day off if i really wanted it and there is as much overtime available as i want. Its pretty brilliant compared to what my mates have. Its very flexible, to an extent. we'll catch up with work stuff later as well.

    I have aspirations to go backpacking across Europe. I would really like to do it this summer infact. I know exactly what i want to see and how i would get their etc This really would be the trip of a lifetime for me and if i am going to do it, then i'll be doing exactly how i want to. However, I would want to take this trip over a period of 6-8 weeks. (can you see where this is going).

    Now, at my work you are only allowed to take 3 weeks holiday at any time. I couldnt use all six weeks at once. Therefor i am finding it hard to think how i can possibly get the 6-8 weeks off work. (please dont give up reading). One way i thought of would be to ask for 3 weeks study leave in may/june and then take 3 weeks holiday on the back of that. If i do do that it will look very suspicious. the only way i can do that is if i have left college cause obvs if im at college i'll need to study anyway instead of goin across europe. But then i run the very high risk of being caught.

    my other option is to leave college if i get an unconditional and the just work for 3/4 months, get loadsa money then leave. Bearing in mind this is a very good job.

    So thats kinda my dilemma. should i keep my job and get money in the bank and not do this trip thing or leave and go spend quite a lot of money on something I would LOVE to do. A trip of a lifetime.. the other option is just going for three weeks but i think that is pointless. i would be spending money and still coming home feeling unfulfilled and probably annoyed that i could travel for longer.

    so yeh, what do you guys think: leave job and go traveling, keep job and do this some other time or do it for 3 weeks.

    I know a lot of you reading this will be students and will have your studenty hats on when reading this and therefor say 'leave your job'. But i'm in need of some rational, logical, sensible opinions...

    To be honest giving this out will give different opinions and leave you where you was in the first place...stuck...I think you should do whatever feels right and stick by it...your job seems good so why leave it, you may not be so lucky and get another so quick...anyway just do what you feel is right x
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