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Barred from club?!?! watch

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    haha they're some crazy stories, I wouldn't mind but I'm like the least violent person you would actually ever meet, I just laughed when I was told that I was barred :/

    I went again the day after on another night out, and I asked if I could apologise: they said no, they must be all bitter ***** then!!

    It may be extreme but it's their right and unless you spend a big load of money and visit often, you're not a loss so they don't want to bother with the hassle of you causing any future poroblems.

    Have you tried apologizing though? And I don't mean while in the line on a Friday night.

    *Looks to see if you've posted any more*

    ...But I guess that has less chance of working now because it'll look like you're just trying a new tactic because you've already asked while "trying again".

    I always knock other people's drinks over by accident, and the bar staff will shout at me, but people put their drinks on the edge of tables and stuff, so they are asking for it!

    I once got kicked out of a club because we were playing a game to see who could get chucked out first :ahee: They said I was barred but they didn't mean it hah.

    I got banned from sin and bushwackers nightclub Worcester for apparently calling the bouncer rascist bearing in mind I’m light skinned myself and my friend is black so I don’t see how but that resulted in a lifetime ban when I’ve saw someone get beaten half to death and hospitalised but never banned just kicked out for that night

    (Original post by Bsheargold)
    I’m light skinned myself and my friend is black
    Not saying that you were racist at this point, but having a black friend doesn't mean you can't be racist
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