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If Islam is the truth, would you follow it? watch


    (Original post by TShadow383)
    Why would men be sexually unsatisfied if four of them had one female partner?
    And no, but being married, along with four other women, possibly via arranged marriages in which you have no say, to a man, does make you subservient.
    I doubt they will find themselves sexually satisfied while she is pregnant. They would be unsatisfied if they wanted to start a family. In this potential system it is easy for women to have families but not men.

    Arranged marriage is different to a marriage where you have no say. A woman has to consent before marriage.

    The population is ~50/50 - so if only men can have multiple partners, how can they all get partners, there simply won't be enough women to go around.
    I told you, its not as if every man has more than one wife. If there are wars the number of men will decrease, the number of unmarried women will increase.

    No, I'm talking about the killing of people who have sex outside marriage.
    Yes, if you are married and you have sex outside of marriage and you are a) seen by 4 reliable witnesses clearly b) if you confess 4 times or c) if you are caught by your husband and he swears 4 times to the authorities but if she swears 4 times back then no.

    Your major objections to allowing women the same freedoms as men in marriage were less sexually satisfied men and less children.
    No the objection is that it is not practical and it it poses lots of problems and solves none.

    But you also don't need to cover them from head to toe in public, you don't need to ban them from driving, you don't need to force them to marry for the sake of family honour, you don't need to kill them when they start a sexual relationship with someone they love outside of marriage.
    If you have a wife, go and look at your wife. You don't need to see other women. Men and women in this society are out of control, and then you have the multitude of problems you see. Look at the crap you see posted on Health and Relationships everyday. You are becoming more are more messed up by the day. Muslims don't encounter the same problems, the same heartbreak, disappointment, pressure. We live in ease. We may be poor but we live in ease.

    Nowhere in Islaam as far as i know does it say that a women must marry for family honor.

    Women should have equal rights to men. How do you argue with that?
    I told you why but you asked the question again.

    You can't treat them precisely the same because they are not precisely the same. You can't treat them precisely the same because they don't excel in precisely the same things.

    Must humans are doomed for Hell either ways

    (Original post by enlightened)
    Proving that Islam is the truth ultimately, though not solely, lies in proving that the Qur'an is the word of God. (Other factors also need to be taken into account such as the biography of the Prophet Muhammad etc.)
    only if it was that simple, but it is not.....

    this life is a test, so even for those who are born Muslims, it is not easy to fully submit to their Creator and practice Islam...

    the belief in Islam being the truth has to be accepted by the person who has to let go of his/her ego, desires, peer pressure, etc. which is not easy at all.....some people would never accept it simply because they have become slaves of their desires, they cannot accept anything which goes against their desires, so they run away from reality until they die....
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