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    Hey Guys

    I have just finished my GCE A'levels conducted by Edexcel International.I am from Bangladesh and I am really confused about applying to Universities in London.So here's the part where I need your help in answering me some questions.

    I had 7 Subjects in O'levels :

    English - A
    Bangla - A
    Eco - A
    Commerce - A
    Accounting - A
    Maths B - B (missed A by 1 mark)
    Pure Maths - C

    3 Subjects in A Levels :

    Economics - B
    Maths AS - A
    Maths A2 - Pending (hopefully an A)
    Accounting - Pending (hopefully an A)

    So is it possible for me to get into Universities like LSE UCL ICL Oxbridge or Cambridge with these results? I want to study basically either in Economics or Accounting. So please give me some good advise and help me get through.

    Thank You

    To go to Oxford, Cambridge or most of the top universities for Economics you will eventually need to get three As at A-level. If you get As in maths and accounting, you'll still only have AAB so you'd have to retake an economics module or two to get it up to an A (though considering how competitive economics, I'm not sure how retakes are viewed). Accounting is probably less competitive but it'd probably be best to look at each universitity's website to find out exactly what the grades required are.

    You would most likely need 3 As to get into that caliber of university. However, there are several Russel Group universities who might make offers of AAB- especially as you are an international student who will pay higher fees. You could start by looking at the websites of unis that interest you and they will have their entry requirements. If your English O level is english as a second language, you will need some kind of english qualification, to prove you are up to standard.

    I'm not sure how aplications for internationals work, but you would have missed the deadline for UCAS aplications for september 2010 entry. Realistically, to get into a high quality UK university you would have to apply in the autumn for 2011 entry- which gives you plenty of time to research your options. Bear in mind some universities (and certainly oxbridge) will want to interview you, so you may have to fly to the UK during the aplications process.

    BTW, I am not sure how O levels are regarded against GCSEs, but I don't think 7 GCSEs would be enough for top unis who place emphasis on GCSEs. I know this seems silly, given that you have taken A levels but this may count against you.

    LSE UCL maybe. Not sure with the Oxbridge though, you would defo need an A in economics to study it at Oxbridge, so that could be a problem.
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