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    Ok so basically I’m confused as to what to do with my life.
    I’m 21 years old and for various reasons like being pulled out of schooling constantly and having to restart the year at a different school despite being a year or two older then the class; I ended up doing my a levels at 18 while most were finishing theirs, and then graduated last year at 20 with reasonably good ALevels in Ancient History A, History B, Classics B (5 marks off an A – damn!) and an A in AS English Lit.

    I’ve had a strong passion for Ancient History and Classics for such a long time and was, until recently, determined to study this at Uni.
    However I’ve been having a think about this a lot lately, especially reading all these threads on TSR about careers and ambitions.

    I’ve applied to study AH and Classics at various uni’s but I’m now thinking that’s it best left as a hobby and that maybe I should study something more…I dunno…concrete if you like. I don’t like the idea of after 3/4 years studying to just graduate and then think about what career to get into. I realise that in them 3/4 years I’m meant to think about what career to get into but what I’m trying to say is I want to do a degree which leads to a single career and job - if that makes any sense.
    I’ll give you an example in my cousin who graduated in 2008 with a politics and communications degree. She didn’t have a set career path and instead decided to temp as an admin assistant in to different fields to basically see what she liked. She did various jobs in the public sector working in education, local council, charities, the NHS etc etc and then after all that decided she wanted to start a career in UK Government and do her MA part time. She moved to London and got accepted on the Fast Stream thingy so everything working well for her.

    I know this is the standard procedure that all graduates go through but I don’t think I can wait around for 2 years to decide what I want to do having already wasted three years. Ill be 24/5 when I graduate from uni and at that age most graduates would have already flourished in their careers and I will be wondering what to do whether to go in to law ( more years of training), the public sector, continue my education, or try and make it as a historian etc etc. – I really really don’t want to spend a year or two just trying different things then deciding what career path to take.

    So ive been contemplating doing something different. I’ve always had a passion for animals and did for a while at school want to become a Vet however this interest died down I don’t know why and I really really regret not taking action upon it – I own two cats so I’m seriously not lying about being a Vet. I genuinely DO have a passion for animals – having done my year 10 work experience in a farm.

    I’ve decided to retake my alevels in Bio, Chem, Phys and maybe maths and then apply to do Veterinary Medicine where upon graduating ill be on route to one career one job and don’t have to waste time on ‘deciding that to do’. I’ve told friends and fam about this but they think I’m stark raving mad. My mother had told me that, to quote, I’m not a sciency type of person and the reason why I’ve done my ALevels in such a strong essay based subjects was because I’m creative and very analytical and that I’d be stupid to do this and I’m making a mistake.

    ARRGGHH I’m so confused. Do you think I’m being stupid? What are my chances of being excepted on a Vet course? Am i being realistic? What would you do?

    Well, my friend took what was intended to be a gap year, and has turned into three gap years, and went to volunteer at animal sanctuaries in Africa. So perhaps a gap year would be a good option to decide what you truly want.

    Maybe do something like this for a few months, then some work experience along the lines of history/something you could do with a history degree or whatever you want to do. To be honest I think something history related would be fine, the skills you would learn can be applied to a lot of careers and during your time at uni you will probably figure out what it is you want.

    Why don't you just apply for the Veterinary course that is 6 years long (instead of 5), which lets you in with arts subjects? Surely that would be a better explanation? Seems to me like you're procrastinating in going to University, like you're scared about the outcome or something? I chose to do Psychology at University because I could go onto Postgrad education and come out with a safe career at the end of it, but realised that that isn't where my passion REALLY lies and am now thinking of reapplying to do History/Ancient History at University. Seriously, do something you're interested in. Don't go on some crazy whim unless you can seriously sit and plow through tons of science for 5/6 years to become a vet. Just do what everyone else does and try and find something you love at the end of it. Use your summers wisely and do work experience in jobs you think you might want to do once you've graduated. You don't have to spend 2 years AFTER your degree when you have mighty long summers!
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