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    I need help on whether a transfer would be worth it.

    At the moment I'm currently at redbrick university but I considering to go to QM for my course, but there are pros and cons:

    Queen Mary is in the top 10 for my course
    I get to save money since I will live at home
    Work experience will be a lot easier to find considering I am in london which is where most jobs for my degree are
    I have friends there already or who will be coming for their first year of their course next year

    Making friends would be difficult since everyone on my course knows eachother so well already and it will be all brand new for me.
    No more freedom; since I will be living at home

    So what do you guys think? Does anyone have any stories about their transfer and could they tell me how well they've settled in?


    Well...Why do you want to transfer?
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    well i think ill probably more happy at qm, ill be at home, back with my really close friends, the degree is likely to be better career wise as I will get a UoL degree. At the moment, the university is ok but not much more than that, i'm still settling in i guess.

    Not really got anything to tell you about how it will be settling into a year where everybody knows each other.. but i'm in the same boat; I've applied to return to Manchester because I'm depressed by this city i'm in. >.<

    Im transferring myself this September! Off to Lancaster for 2nd year English.

    I had the same worries you did, but to be honest I'm pretty sure that I'll find some friends in the second year through lectures and seminars. You'll just have to make more of an effort, like when the new kid comes to school in year eight or nine instead of seven.

    I suppose it will be slightly different living at home though, I'm living in halls so hopefully will be living with a mix of first/second/third years, as a lot of people choose to stay in halls their whole time there.

    I say go for it. You'll be at a bettter uni, where you'll be happier, and you are more than likely to make friends if you are open and friendly and make the effort - plus you'll have your old friends nearby!
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    hmm. ill also be living at home, do you think that will affect my social life greatly??
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