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    Anon so none of my friends find this!

    This could turn out to be a tad long but bare with me TSR!

    I'm in love with my close friend's ex. (lets call him rich).We've also been very close friends for 4 years. He broke up with my close friend just over 2 years ago and although she's moved on, we've never told her about 'us'. For the last year we've basically been sleeping with each other, speaking on the phone every day etc.. like bf/gf but without the label. Both of us are still so close to this friend that we wouldn't want to hurt her so we keep it on the down low. I have never felt like this in my life, I am so beyond in love with him it's unreal!

    We are both in different uni's. Last week he text me saying he was coming home for the weekend and said I should come back too so we could meet up. I agreed (well, more like played it cool and pretended I was planning on going home anyway, which was a lie :o:), and all week he text me saying how much he couldnt wait for us to get together bla bla. So, I stupidly booked the 1 hour train journey home (his uni is only 30 mins from our home) and was looking forward to it.

    But... over the last 6 months or so i've been aware he's been texting this girl from the year below in our old school. I know of her, but don't know her well at all. So, this time yesterday I happened to check out her fb and her status was something along the lines of: 'Cannot wait to see the lovely rich tonight'. My heart sank because I knew he'd double booked me for this girl. Not only that but he'd lied to me over summer/christmas about meeting up with her and sleeping with her etc.

    So yesterday I waited around and didn't hear off him all day, or all night (when we were meant to see each other).. which isn't surprising as I guessed he may have picked her over me. Then this morning he text me saying he was so sorry he didn't text me last night, he went out with his mum and didn't get in till midnight or something. So basically, he was lying to me. I didn't want him to know i'd been stalking this other girl on fb so I didn't tell him I knew where he really was, but I was still very pissy with him. I asked him if he REALLY did plan on seeing me (giving him an oppurtunity to tell me the truth about the other girl), and he lied and said yes. He suggested we meet in town this morning instead as he said he really wanted to see me more than anything, but then revealed he was going back to uni in 40 minutes and as we were both still in bed I asked him if there was any point, and he just put a sad face. I replied with '.. right, thanks a lot'. and he hasn't contacted me since.

    For those of you who are still reading, it's not the first time he's done this. He does it a hell of a lot. He says how much he can't wait to see me, and how much he thinks about me etc but when it comes down to it he always chooses someone/something else. So my question is... can someone shed some light on this? Why on earth go to all that trouble to talk to me daily and plan to meet up, and then not stick to it? Does he even like me? He's been doing this for nearly a year now. When we do meet up we have an amazing time though. I am thinking of texting him saying sorry for being pissy earlier, I was just sad bla bla, but then again, should I really be apologising when I drove all the way back from uni for him to just blow me off to have sex with some other girl that he'd planned on doing all along? I know a lot of you will say just 'get rid' or whatever, but thats not easy seeing as he's one of my best friends, and also in my circle of friends so I'd still see him all the time, and that would be incredibly painful. I feel like my heart has broken in two...

    That was one long post lol, I'm not to sure but because you've friends for so long, he may not have ever thought about you like that...you should of told him how you felt...if you still like him, tell IIhim....the worst he can do is say he don't like you....anyway sorry to hear bout it x

    sory to hear bout it, this must hurt alot if you really liked this guy.

    yep, you should have shown your true feelings. even if you did tell him a while back before he liked this girl he mite have fallen for this girl anyway. sorry.:woo:

    try and move on is the best advise if he really likes this other girl, the best way is to look at another guy. hope this helps.:cool:
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