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I Flirt With Everyone!! watch

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    I can't help it. I've tried so hard to stop but most times I don't even realise I'm doing it, or when I do then it's too late.
    Every single male friend I have, I flirt with - except one guy. Even female friends I flirt with.

    I have a boyfriend and most if not all of the people I flirt with I do not in any way fancy but I can't help flirting. Sometimes I feel it's better to flirt then the conversation to just fall flat as I hate awkward silences. I have to fill them in with something and flirting just comes naturally and makes everyone so much more friendly.

    I think every guy out there will test the waters first by having a friendly flirt with their girl friends. Most girls will probably just ignore it or let the guys know they're not into it. I tend to flirt back whether I want to or not. Just because I don't know what else to do I guess. After that guys know they can flirt with me and continue doing it and I tend to agree with what they're saying instead of getting annoyed like I should.

    Most times I just agree with what they’re saying we should do together. I don’t start the flirting usually but I don’t stop it either.
    Nobody treats me seriously and I know it. Even girls I unintentionally flirt with. For example, last weekend I went out clubbing with some friends and a girl came up to me to chat. She was saying something about how she wanted to get away from all the horny guys or something. Then she began talking about her long legs and if I like long legs. So being polite I said yes, I love long legs and wish I had some myself. After a little while I realised that we were both flirting really bad. She was bi and thought I might be interested. I felt so bad but I didn’t know she was bisexual at all.

    So if I don’t flirt what do I talk about? With girls it’s usually easier, I can talk about clothes, makeup, guys etc. Just normal girly things, but with guys I don’t really know what to talk about. I wet to a all girls school so maybe that's why. Maybe I shouldn’t have guy friends at all.

    I'm exactly the same and it's gotten me into trouble before. I would do your best to try and keep the innuendo out of conversation as much as possible, just laugh or try to change the subject if they start it because you could (and obv have) ended up leading someone on unintentionally. We flirt because we're confident and it's what you find natural but I wouldn't worry about it so much... I wouldn't stop yourself having guy friends, I have just explained to a few of mine that I'm a flirt and it's just who I am and make it clear that you're not flirting because you want to jump into bed with all of them, I'm sure they'll understand
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