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Since the end of 6th form last year, I've lost touch with everyone execpt one person because they've all moved away to uni (I've had to take a year out and reapply).

But I lost touch with my last remaining friend last November (no arguments or animosity), so thats left me with no-one and as a result I have no social life anymore.
The place where I work is mainly full of people who are considerably older than me, so there's no real opportunities to make friends.

Anyway, its my birthday the week after next and I certainly don't want to be stuck in doing nothing, so I'm wondering what would be the best way of contacting my friend? What should I say?

Sorry if this sounds lame, but I genuinely need advice, I mean you know how it can be awkward speaking to someone you haven't spoken to in ages. Any thoughts appreciated
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Facebook them or text, start conversing with them again, and then ask them if they want to do something with you for your birthday.
Get back into contact with your other friends too!!

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