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Reapplying to Biomed Question watch

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    Ok, so my situation is something like this.
    I currently hold conditional offers for Essex/Bradford/Coventry for Biomedical Science, and Essex will be my firm.

    Today, I was thinking what would happen in the following scenario:

    After I take my exams, on results day I do not get the required grades for any of my choices. I take a forced gap year and come to the UK to work in a health care related job, let's say as a HCA. Besides that, I also do some volunteer work.

    The next year, I reapply, and this time I decide to apply for 4 medicine courses and 1 biomedical science course.

    Now, my questions are:

    If I didn't make the grades the first time, will the uni give me another offer (unconditional, as I already had my exams) for biomedical science, considering the work experience I accumulated and my volunteer work?

    Would the med schools even consider me?

    Any help is appreciated.

    You would need to have already met the entry requirements for the courses you're applying for to be given an unconditional offer. If you missed the grades this year and then didn't plan to resit/better these qualifications then regardless of the amount of experience you have (and less than a year working somewhere isn't a lot anyway) the universities would not accept you if you didn't meet the academic requirements. You could resit some subjects and then the universities might give you a conditional offer, it would depend.

    Similarly, if you failed to meet the entry requirements for the biomedical course at Essex you would have no chance applying for medicine, I'm afraid. Biomedicine at Essex requires grades of BBC/BCC at A level (280-240 UCAS points) whereas obviously, medicine courses require much higher grades. Again, regardless of the amount of experience you gained in a gap year a university would not consider you if you didn't meet the minimum entry requirements.
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    Thanks for the info, you've been really helpful.

    And what if Wolfy^ takes A - levels exams in the gap year? Would the universities consider the previous foreign qualifications or a new A -levels results? I mean applying for medicine course.

    if you get less than AAB at alevel it would be a waste of time applying to medschool. they would not even look at your application.

    unconditional offer: regardless of work experinace, if you have not already achieved the going rate for the cours you apply for then you will not recieve a uncondtional offer.

    my advice to you, because you are international, would be; if you do not get your grades frist time (which i think is unlikley because bradford have quite low requierments) then go through ucas clearing and see if any unis will acept you with you achieved grades.
    apply for a science foundation course at a uni that does biomed (they usually ask for BBB to EEE of equivalent).

    if ucas clearing does not work then you could come to the uk and work (would you not need a work permit - esp for care work). also because you are international you would prob not be able to secure any work in health care in the first 6-10months because CRB checks are so much harder (i live in this country and it it usually takes about 2-4 months for a crb to come through for me and my international friends have waited up to a year for them sometimes). would in not be easier to stay where you are and get care work there. care work is care work, medschools dont care what contry its in.

    look at places like oxford brookes; they offer a foundation science course (you dont usually need any qualification for this course) if you get really low grades and cant get on to your biomed course you can transfer to biomed after the foundation year. also oxford brooke will offen give offers to thoes applicants with only CCC at Alevel for 1st year biomed, so it is a good one to look out for on track. other unis do stuff like this too but oxford brookes has the lowest (that i know of) entry requierments.

    hope all that makes sense

    your applying to essex, they say BBC, but you know a lot of people have less then that, links with Queen mary's med school and all that

    as well as the foundation year if all goes wrong
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