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For the first time, I wish I hadn't been born (Yet another stupidly emo post) watch


    Life's a ***** sometimes, isn't it? =/

    My life's kinda messed up right now, too. I deal with it by immersing myself in work. Try to focus more on your studies. I know you're probably sick of hearing it all the time from your teachers, but really, try to get A's, you know? The effort'll help take your mind off of things. Try re-writing notes, make them more organised, use different colours, etc. It sounds girly, yeah. But whatever, you know? Do whatever you need to help yourself.

    Get good marks, and then go to a nice university. Use that as a fresh start. University life will be very different for you, and I think it'll help a lot. You'll meet better friends there - ones that will actually appreciate who you are - and you'll have fun, which is something you need.

    Just please, don't start slashing. It's not fulfilling.
    My aunt committed suicide 3 weeks ago, and trust me, it's not the answer. She was only 23 years old, and she should have had a long life ahead of her.

    Everyone has something to live for. Think about what you want to do in life, and then chase it with everything you've got. I've wanted to be a doctor since I was 5. That desire hasn't faded one bit. Indeed, it's gotten stronger, to the point where it's a passion. I'll do anything it takes to get there. So think about it for a while. Find something to chase after, and then do it. Being lost, not knowing where to go, what to do; It's a terrible feeling.

    So get things back on rails! Your girlfriend really doesn't sound like she appreciates you. Please, do yourself a favor and just cut her out of your life. She's not doing you any good. She's putting more stress on you. It sounds hard. And it probably is.
    But as much as you may want to salvage the relationship, it rarely ever happens. It is difficult to change your own personality (something I know very well. I'm trying to become a better person myself >_<), much less someone else's.

    I won't be much help on the family issue... My own mother is behaving very erratically nowadays. My father is also bi-polar, and does suffer from depression. By the way, I'm also bi-polar. Go figure. =P

    Don't worry about the whole "emo" thing. Everyone's got some sort of problem going on, and they should all express it. If you feel depressed, try eating food! It does wonders for me. Or read a book, or watch some serials (Lost and House are my favorites. ).

    Good luck! =) Feel free to PM if you want.

    Welcome to life.

    If I'm honest?

    Family = arses
    Girlfriend = stupid arse, you can do better
    Friends = stupid arse 1 and stupid arse 2. You don't make your friends feel like ****.

    At least that's how I see it. Nothing wrong with you, but you can do better on all counts. At least with uni you can get away from your mum. You should really apply yourself for high grades and try to make something of yourself. You'll make loads of friends in halls, and probably some romance too. Hold it out for 6 months and work your ass off for uni :3
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    Thanks to every single person who replied. I've read each reply and they really have made me think about what life would be like if I cut myself loose from my girlfriend, and stood up for myself a bit.

    I need to think long and hard about where I'm going with my life, and then work to get there. I'm going to give it everything I've got for the time that I've got left at school. If I can prove to myself I'm capable of doing anything (within reason) that will just be one more big boost to my confidence.

    I've decided to join the gym, and I'm going to start football up again once a week (I quit a while ago because some of the people there were *****, but looking back, I did just let them walk all over me). When my time isn't being wasted worrying about everything, I'll be free to focus and just do my own thing.

    Again, thanks everyone :console: :lovehug:

    That's the spirit! Good luck, and have fun with it. =)
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