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    I woke up this morning and suddenly I have this immense pain down the right handside of my back/shoulder/neck. When I move my neck to the right I get this horrible pain shoot down the righthand side and my right shoulder.
    Also when I move my right arm it happens.

    I haven't had an accident of had any trauma whatsoever to my neck/back/arms - I don't understand. It's very painful I don't think it's worth bothering a doctor about - at least not yet. Wtf is up with me though?

    Probly slept in a strange position, just rub it or something.

    either you slept walk, and took part in a wrestling match without knowing (i advise searching youtube for evidence)

    or you slept badly on it, in which case just down some ibuprofen.

    if theres no improvement by tomorow morning i might go see a doctor, or at least book an appointment for tuesday/wednesday, which you can always cancel if its better by then

    (Original post by Ham22)
    i don't know what the medical term is, but apparently this is relativley common. you've pulled something in your sleep, it's quite easy to do. i pulled something in my neck whilst turning over once, my god it resulted in the worst shooting pains down my neck ever, everytime i moved. it took about 6 days to mend itself.

    nothing to worry about i shouldn't think.
    Yeh similarly Ive inflamed the muscle between my ribs before (a couple of times) and it hurt like hell trying to move my head/neck/arm but it takes only days to resolve itself if you take ibuprofen/are careful/rest. It was only a couple of days the other time cos I went to my chiropractor (though the treatment was extremely painful).
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