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CONFUSION. argh. watch

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    hello all. a bit of uni drama for you which may be rather long but i shall do my best to summarise!
    right, firstly, there was this guy (let's call him Mr A) who I got with one night (just kissing) and I didn't particularly like him that much as I didn't know him that well but over the course of the next couple of weeks, every time we went out, we got together (over this time period I got to know him more as he lives near me in my halls and realised he's actually quite amazing).


    when he realised that i liked him and possibly wanted a bit more than just sex (this is going to make him sound like a complete ****, i can assure you he's not and he made it very clear from the beginning that he wanted nothing more as he was still getting over his ex but i couldn't really stop my feelings for him developing), he distanced himself from me quite a lot. At the time, i didn't really get why but he explained all the above and said how he thought i was pretty and funny and the kind of girl that he would go for but just not now and that he felt guilty for leading me on, hence the distance he was maintaining. So i stupidly have it fixed in my head that there is some chance for us in the future.


    Mr B (Mr A's very very good friend) recently confessed his feelings for me. Now, he's my closest friend and I do like him BUT (and here's the bloody annoying thing) not as much as Mr A. I just can't help thinking that if I hold off Mr B, that Mr A might just make a move and that if I get with Mr B that will NEVER happen as they are such good friends and would obviously not want to hurt him. Plus, as shallow as it sounds, i fancy Mr A quite a bit more.

    Thing is, if I ever did get with Mr A, that would hurt Mr B anyway as they're so close. So basically it's all a bit ****.

    Also, i get the feeling that Mr B likes me quite a bit more than I like him but I reckon that if I never knew Mr A that I would get into a relationship with Mr B quite happily. Oh yeah and Mr B said that he would quite like a relationship with me (when I asked him what he wanted exactly) and when he asked me what I wanted/felt, I've just said 'I don't know', which is true and he says that's fine but obviously he'd probably prefer me to let him know as soon as possible.

    Annnd, one more thing! I really like having Mr B as a friend and I'm worried that if I entered a relationship with him but then it ended for whatever reason, that I would lose him completely and i reeeeally don't want that happening. Thing is though, saying that I don't think it would ever end spitefully so this isn't TOO much of a worry but it's still niggling at my brain.

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