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Am I overreacting to obesity in Britain? watch


    (Original post by Igor00)
    So you're going to completely deny the effect that society has on people's actions? Nice one. That's like saying that the early advertisements for tobacco had no effect on the amount of people that took up smoking, and that peer pressure amongst teens is a myth.

    You cannot deny that in recent years, the 'big is beautiful' mantra has increased ten-fold. But to deny that this is in anyway to blame for increased obesity rates is stupid. But just to be clear, incase you couldn't already tell - I agree that fat parents are to blame for fat children. It's disgusting.

    maybe its just me then that doesnt pay attention to the media/society

    i was never one for giving into peer pressure when i was younger hence why im still a virgin, have never smoked and didnt have my first drink till my 18th bday

    (Original post by MrHappy_J)
    Did you even read the OP's original post? Do you agree with her attitude towards a couple of girls at a shopping mall just because she didn't like the way they looked?
    I thought this thread was to discuss whether the rising obesity in Britain was something to be concerned about, as indicated by the title, not the specific anecdote the OP used to illustrate her point. I assumed this was pretty obvious.

    I dont come near fat girls because there is a chance I will fall into their orbit

    i think you're out of order and being slightly hurtful to anyone out here over a size 10.
    size 12 to 14 isn't actually that big. it's pretty normal

    Sadly, people are getting bigger.Men and Women . Because being fat puts you at more serious risk of all sorts of health problems and it means the taxpayer will perhaps be funding your earlier loss of self control. It is even more amazing we have this problem when there is an abundance of gyms, nutritionists and lifestyle gurus. There really is no excuse.

    Obesity in this country and America (who have a similar but worse problem but have caught them up) , is caused by four main things.

    1 an increasing attitude of not taking up personal responsibilty for ones behaviour. It's always someone elses fault.

    2 The media, making out that fat is terrible and thin is in, an increased focus on appearance even with public figures like politicians. Conversely this means people get bigger especially women (who the media is mainly focused on), as they depressed and try unhealthy diets and even operations to sort it.

    3Lifestyle changes. In the past, more jobs with manual labour, less car ownership so more walking. Reliance on packaged convenience foods. Both people working in family so, less time to produce healthy , food.

    4 political correctness.Sometimes people need to call a spade a spade. We are too frightened of offending someone.

    My opinion on girls and weight is this. I don't like very skinny girls, but I also am not a fan of the increasingly whales we see walking around or staggering around. For an ideal female body look at latino porn stars.

    Yawn we get the usual fat people are lazy/soulless/disgusting comments.

    Now I dont say all fat people are blameless for their actions but neither is it as simple as placing blame on them and talking about self control.

    And I dont think its education in the regular sense since we know what food is "good and bad" however eating only fruit and veg is unhealthy as it doesnt include certain oils and nutrients but it is better to snack on fruit etc.

    Everyone processes food different expecially when they get older.

    I think when you are under 21 its generally easy to lose weight though, as in that case it is just eating less junk and being more active but mid twenties onwards then its a case of spending hours each day in the gym.

    Id say around half to 2/3 at most of fat people are lazy in some way though but these tv shows and news things choose the worst people to talk about, I remember seeing an advert for some show about fat familes where the presenter talked about how sick he was looking at or thinking about them, however the people they show are worst case scenario, you see them eating like 2 takeaways a day which are full size pizzas and this is every day then eating cakes.

    I personally have almost starved for 2 days, on Friday ate a pizza from takeaway, Saturday ate nothing at all, Sunday had a chicken burger and 2 small fromage frais.

    Yet people assume as I am fat that I am stuffing my face every day.

    (Original post by fox_the_fix)
    I'm actually an athlete, my body is merely a byproduct of that. Just as a person with a lazy life style has a disgusting body.

    I don't need to clutch the straws. Everything you've said to me is dull and hasn't even inspired me to respond.
    - I think being fat is disgusting
    - Therefore, IMO, no one would want to be fat unless it was necessary
    = People who are fat, for no reason = lazy as they can't be bothered to lose the weight

    What about people who are muscley or skinny for no reason?

    Are bodies adapt to fit purpose, if you work a desk job but go to the gym for hours on end to get muscly for no purpose whats the point?

    If you are a soldier than the muscle you have is needed if you work in sainsburys then being built like a brick ********* is pointless your body doesn't need that. were not in the monolithic times where we have to hunt for our food and lift tons of **** and our bodies have adapted to this thus we are not on average as strong or fit because we do not need to be therefore instead of wasting time in the gym you be doing something like finding a cure for cancer which is much more important then looking "good".

    If you weren't an athlete would you need whatever muscle mass body type you have?


    The cancer thing i had a doctor in mind, obviously an accountant isn't going to be looking for a cancer cure.

    (Original post by MrHappy_J)
    lies. being young doesn't make losing weight easy.
    when your young your body doesn't get ****** up that frequently, so doing sport, jogging and going to the gym can be done without worrying so much abt ur bodies condition

    and there is a big difference between staying healthy and being a body builder, which in a way i am totally against bcos there is no point in having a lot of muscle for the sake of it
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