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    I don't know if this is the best forum to put this in, but hopefully some keen graphics person will stumble across it if there aren't any other tech teachers on here!

    I have an assessed lesson on Wednesday for Graphic Communication at Standard Grade. I'm going to be doing the second lesson in a series of five on Pyramids. Orthographic third angle projection and some surface development stuff.

    I'm in desperate need of some contextualisation(sp?)! I want to explain to the pupils why we are producing surface developments of these pyramid shapes with angled cuts, but I can't think of anything at all really.

    Google isn't helping me either...


    In context, orthographic projects are used to demonstrate different angles of a product accurately and in relative proportion.
    So the pyramid shape you're creating is irrelevant really as it's just an example piece. It could very well be a toy car, however this would be far more complex.
    As you'll know it's a process of drawing two-dimensional drawings to create a three-dimensional object. It's a fantastic process to scale objects down and yet keep all aspects in proportion and is used for engineering drawings or plan views - context - building an extension on to a house?

    Have a look at this, may be of some use: http://vector.tutsplus.com/tutorials...ic-isometrics/
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    I was meaning more things like "In order to manufacure the perfume packaging we need to first create a surface development of the shape".

    I finally worked it out during my sleep last night, but thank you so much for replying.

    + rep for you!
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