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    Which do you prefer?

    I think the layout on yahoo answers is better but I get bet answers normally on TSR because there are more students on here :]

    Yahoo answers is the worst site to get answers from for most things. The 'best answer' is usually either a common misconception, just completely wrong or a worst case scenario.

    "I have a cold, should I see a doctor?"

    Best Answer: "You may have HIV, go to A&E immmediately".

    Whereas on TSR, it's just the questions which are dumb.

    "I was just attacked by a gang in town and have been stabbed in the lung and stomach, I am bleeding a lot. Should I go to the police or see a doctor first?"

    Sometimes the asker, after receiving the answer from 10 posters, will then do/assume the exact opposite.

    Wiki needs a special mention since it's similar. Example: If you edit factual info onto a page about a film, it'll get removed as 'garbage nonsense' and you'll receive abuse from a few people. Who will admit they've never seen it.

    None. They are both equally full of ****. You ask one question, you get a complete different answer. You ask a techie question, they rave on about recommendations and suggestions instead of answering the question.

    You ask a personal question, you get a bunch of 14 year old girls answering you with sentemental movie lines.


    I haven't used this site long but there seems to be a slightly lower proportion of retards here than on Yahoo Answers.

    That said many of the answers on YA are so poor they're hilarious, the idiots here are just... Idiots, not bad enough to make me laugh but bad enough for serious face palming.
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