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    i need yur help guys..........
    reet im yur typical A level student haha
    for uni i've applied for Paramedic practice cause ive wanted to go into the health prossions since about yr 10
    but anyway just done my A2 chemistry exam on wendesday and boy was it hard!
    iv always had this like passion for science and really found things involved with it interesting. But since bout december iv just had this thought growin in the back of my head that i shouldnt go for it
    Its like my ideas, interests and ambitions are changing and after that exam its fully in my face 24/7
    its really irritating tho abd i bet im not making a single bit of sense here hahahaha
    i mean im a creative kind of lad and id love to show that creativity once in a while and i jus thought here would be the best place to open up about it haha cause college will jus nag that i should hav said something before the UCAS deadline and the rents dont have a clue in general haha

    so yh id be really really really really thankfull if anyone had any advice for me cause im at a brick wall here


    hey there, tbh, you are porbably just going through a phase. i have them a lot. most of them are just samell things like, i want to play a string instrument because i can't play one now and then i would compose for orchestra (that was soooo irrelevant.).

    but last year i had a BIG phase, like what you are going through. i wanted to give up all of my music stuff, private lessons, and about five hours a week of varous ensemble practice, all to focus on becoming an archeologist.

    I MEAN who wants to dig up stuff for living anyway!

    so if i were you i woudl stick with what you originally wanted. if i had gone with my spur of the moment idea (which actually lasted 6 months) i would regret it so badly now. i think that what you need is something really great and out of the ordinary to inspire you again. re-kindle some old fires, so to speak.

    may people will say, follow your heart bla bla bla.

    its just ********.

    i sounds as though this thing with the paramedics may just do the job.

    i hope that i helped.

    good luck.
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    thanks for the advice nebby
    i completly understand about the random phases :P ive had many of them hehe!
    but i don't know this is something bigger if yu know what i mean
    ive had this drive behind me for ages and now its just gone
    i know im not the smartest apple in the basket (cheesey i know!) but say im missing out on a talent i could develop instead of following an interest which is slowly dying out :|

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