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Ms Natalie
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Hey guys, hope you can help me out a little.
I've had the month from hell this January and have decided to go for mitigating circumstances. My aunty has been diagnosed with cancer, and although she is "only" an aunty, being my mams sister, i have accompanied her and driven her to hospital on several occasions and to other meetings regarding available financial help. She is finding out on Tuesday whether the cancer is terminal

My mother is also facing a gross misconduct disciplinary procedure on thursday, which will potentially result in her dismissal following 10 years of employment...solicitor is already involved as it is completely unfair and she is one of two who have been targeted by the company.

I am currently in talks with Santander after they wrongly accused me of fraud publicly in one of their branches, They have already admitted a massive error but as you can understand, that too, was highly unpsetting...oh, and my brother is losing his house.

My life has been fairly uneventful up until this January although it feels like I have had a massive chunk of s**t delivered to my address.

I have a report due tomorrow for my Psych degree and have been in no state to do it. Only this morning did I entertain the thought of applying for mitigating circumstances based on this.

Do you think I have the chance to have these circumstances accepted? I have never applied in the past and am a successful student with good grades atm.

Just not feeling up to this report =(

Sorry it's long & thanks

Ms Natalie

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