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race and intelligence watch


    (Original post by there's too much love)
    I'm horrible to you because you are consistently being a moron. You are making unfounded claims and speaking as if they are factual then later admitting you're clueless on the topic at hand.

    See you speaking on my ability to use language and philosophy.

    What I've asked you to explain you will find in our earlier posts.

    Is English your first language because your writing style is horrible.
    I'm being very nice to you. Lets leave it there then...shall we? :sigh:
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    (Original post by mathperson)
    I'm being very nice to you. Lets leave it there then...shall we? :sigh:
    I disagree, I think before you were being a ****.
    But I'm currently inclined to say that was unintentional and was caused by a lack in understanding.

    Ive had a quick read through so please forgive me if the assumptions I have made are incorrect.

    Basically,in order to answer this it is first necessary to define intelligence.

    Most people will point ot IQ tests,but there are clear cultural and social biases in these measures.Perhaps most useful when all other variables are the same apart from the IQ test score itself i.e. similar class,culture,background etc. Hence I would argue Iq tests are a poor meaure of intelligence because it is practically impossible to remove the 'nurture' role in the development.

    If it were possible to do so,then you may get some sort of idea of brain potential.But this again is flawed because it is not reality,one cannot remove nuture from the equation.

    Then you have to specify how intelligence manifests itself. Math cleaver? Able to originally and thoughtfully interpret the plays of shakespeare(or write them?). The list could go on.

    Arguably,a high level football player is incredibly intelligent because their brain is able to process the physics needed for the skill and technique in the game.Or even just the strategy.That would require a great deal of sophistication in the neurons!

    Without the stable definition its imposslbe to quantify.It is better to look at the other more clear reasons why people are less 'intelligent'.

    I.e. poor schooling,poverty,historical circumstances

    These things have been proven to have a far better link to what your looking at than race.

    I think if you look at those things,you will find the true causation (and answer!) to any so called correlation between race and the idea of intelligence assumed a fair amount in this thread.

    I did intelligence for psychology. Part of that was ethnicity and culture.. There was a study in USA that found that blacks were slightly less intelligent than whites, and asians far more intelligent than either. However, a later study found that black children adopted into white families were on the intelligence level of the whites.
    Therefore, intelligence is by the culture of the work ethic of the community. In USA, there is a difference in wealth and status, as well as black culture encouraging obedience and co-operation, against asian culture promoting self-knowledge.

    Or that's what we learnt anyway.
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