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Protein bonded extensions- do these do any damage at all? watch

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    I've read mostly good things about them. If you've had them what are your experiences of them? Can they mess up your own hair in any way? I'm happy with the length of my hair, just want to thicken it out for my wedding in July.

    Also, are they really high maintenance? My hair takes about half an hour to detangle when I wash it every second day, am I gonna be in trouble if I have an extra headfull of hair to deal with as well?:eek3: If so I guess I could try clip ins

    I had balmain and great lengths extensions fitted...balmain are supposed to be 'the best ones' out there...but both brands damaged my hair. it was a nightmare to untangle them at the roots and they turned into mini dreadlocks at the root if that makes sense...luckily my hairdresser managed to brush them out (just about) and remove them, otherwise i wouldve had to have it shaved off! maybe i just had bad experience because my natural hair is REALLY thick...but if you want extensions try rapture ones, they are double sided tape extensions, dont damage your hair at all and are no where near as expensive! last for 6 weeks then you need them reapplied and then after another 6 weeks they have to go in the bin xxxx

    In a nutshell you can mess up your hair with extensions, it doesn't have to be that way if you follow all instructions given to you before the application process but know you must want to put in the time and effort to keep the extensions looking good.

    I have Racoon bonded extensions, purely to add volume, I have pretty thin hair. I've been getting them 7/8 months now. They are resin bonds I believe but are designed to be the right mix of strength and durability but still easy to remove. And I'd say that's true from experience! They look fantastic, excellent colour match, cut in well - given the price they should be all those things. Be prepared to be set back up to £1000 depending on the length of your hair and the number of bonds needed/time taken.

    Obviously any bonded extensions are going to be more maintenance than usual. Ideally you need to be separating all the bonds by twisting them around a finger about 3 times a day. This avoids the problem xxxJewls reported with tangling at the roots. You need to wash/style with particular recommended products, which are often also expensive and personally I don't leave my extensions to air dry, at most you need to dry the scalp as not to leave the bonds wet. Hair sould be tied up at night but that's pretty simple. My own hair has always been easy to manage, I don't know how all this would stand up to hair that sounds prone to tangling as you should be trying not to catch or pull on the bonds. Using a Denman extension brush is probably best to avoid this and a wide tooth comb on wet hair.

    Depending on your salon you might get some help with all this. I get free extension checks ever 3 weeks, just so if I am having any problems they can be sorted out quickly and so any dubious looking bonds can be replaced there and then. Ideally all the bonds need to be taken out around every 4 months or so, I usually take a 2 weeks break between removal and reapplication. I suppose if you are getting them for a special occasion though this probably isn't so important as I presume you'll get them removed after the elapsed time and leave them out.

    Before making a decision either way you might want to go for a consultation about the extensions, a hairdresser is going to be able to say 100% whether with your hair type and lifestyle are going to work with it or not. You could also look into clip ins. I've seen salons now offering a service for around £80 where they will supply the correct colour clip in extensions, fit them to your head and cut them in so they blend well.
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