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Anxiety about going to uni today watch

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    What the title says really. I have bi-polar disorder and I'm going through a particularly rough time. The thought of going outside, getting on the tube, having to talk to people, being questioned in my seminars is making me feel as though I will have a panic attack. I'm not looking for long-term advice (I see a psychiatrist, a CBT therapist and I am on mood stabilizing drugs), but rather just something that will get me through the morning. I have some sedatives from when I was having a manic episode but I'm not really sure if I should take them as they might make me sleepy and they also make my memory very bad. Has anyone got any methods of easing this a little?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    It's all basic stuff, so you've probably tried it before, but:

    - sip water (somehow seems to calm me down)
    - deep breaths
    - listen to music? (it might take your mind off things on the tube etc.)

    I know it can't be easy, but I find if I'm feeling anxious about going out and doing something the best thing you can do is to leave and do it. I often find that once I'm actually doing something, it's not nearly as bad as I thought.

    I also find it helps to think over the worst thing that could possibly happen and focus on how it wouldn't be the end of the world and also to tell myself that I can go back at any time.

    Hope this helps a little.
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    Sorry, I can't really help you.

    Have you spoken to the DSA? They may be able to get you stuff like a dictaphone or a note-taker so if you feel like this you can get the seminar/lecture stuff without having to actually go in, or taxi money so you don't have to go on the tube.

    Ask your tutor if they can not ask you questions today?

    Dutch courage?

    Sorry about your situation. I suffer from anxiety too, it only really became a problem when I startd Uni last year. What works best for me is drinking some chamomile tea and listening to some relaxing music. Also going for a bit of walk to burn off the excess adrenaline and telling yourself "I'm cool calm and in control". Chamomile tea is my addiction especially during sleepless nights. Hope this helps.
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