hes cut me out as well as everyone else! Watch

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I was close friends with a guy for over a year and he met girl who he is now living with and is planning on getting married to. Its been a year and he has virtually cut me off he only talks to me when the impression i get when his girlfriend isnt around which isnt often. He barely bothers with any of his mates. Even his family have moaned he hasnt bothered with them much at all. He has still got single status on facebook despite being with her a year (they both met while in retionships) and she sitll has pictures of her ex on her fb. I find it very strange that he is barely bothering with his friends and his family especially since he used to be such a social guy and now he doesnt really go out or anything
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Facebook isn't exactly the best source of information. I mean ****, if you update your facebook for every thing that happens in your life, then good for you. Not everyone cares.

Facebook Status:
"I just took a dump"

"I got a new boyfriend"

"I just took another dump"

But yeah, your friend avoiding you and everyone else this much is weird. Either his girlfriend is really obsessive and he does what ever she wants. (ie. Stay with me, don't go see your friends, I'm jealous, etc)

Or, he's got some form of mental illness like AvPD (Avoident Personality disorder) [Just speculating] and has decided that just being with his girlfriend/fiance' is enough.

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