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lack of large group of friends and student lifestyle watch

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    this is probably just going to end up as a bit of a rant.

    basically throughout my life i have always made a few close friends here and there but never had a large group of friends to do things with. at uni now i have 2 close male friends who i live with and 2 close female friends from my old halls who i see fairly regularly. at home i'd say i have 3 close friends (by close i mean i regard them as family) everyone else seems to have one large group of friends who all go out and do things together. it's weird cos i don't really have that. i feel odd just going out with my 2 guy mates so i rarely go clubbing or whatever. 1 of them has just got a gf now and so it is increasingly becoming me and the other guy, which is nice but we never really do anything. i want to go out like all other students and have a good time but i know it sounds sad but i don't really have anyone to go with. it's weird that this has plagued me all my life either i know someone as an acquaintance or we are really close friends. is there even such thing as a middle ground? are people who have large groups of friends really close with all of them?? not sure what to do about it really. today i had a group session and they were all talking about going out tonight and i was sat knowing i'd just be watching a film with my friend or something. i try to keep busy and i've joined 2 new societies this year but everyone has already established their friendship groups etc. i'm not a complete saddo, i mean i've had a boyfriend for 2 years except it's an LDR now so it's hard. we've planned a lot of stuff this semester but i want to get out there and meet new people!! another thing is lectures, i don't really have anyone to go with cos my friends don't go so i end up tagging along with people who i only vaguely know and it's really awkward.

    not sure what i aim to achieve by posting this but i guess i just want assurance or something. and to those people who have a large group of friends, are you all really close? what am i doing wrong?

    you don't seem to be doing anything wrong. i think it's nicer to have close friends than a large group. just the way i am though try and look on the bright side xxxxxx

    I have a pretty large group at school and it's depressing thinking I'm not that close to any of them.
    Social life is good but in a way it can feel lonely.
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