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One day at a time (The slimming world diet)- my blog watch


    Do you use Blogger? I've just signed up because I was looking for motivation for SW as I am losing faith but I can't find anyone to talk with on it :/ if you do, please follow me, as I'd like to share support and ideas



    Did you lose much weight overall in the end? I know people (over 35) who are on slimming world who have lost so much weight (one has gone from almost a 14 to a 10/8 and another has lost 4 stone in 6 months).
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    I lost like 2 stone I think?

    Then gained it all end of 2009 when I stopped! However lost 2 stone again now with weightwatchers this year, and still going!

    Moral of the story, don't loose weight and then slip into bad habits lol

    Edit: **** this is from 2010...what was I smoking?! Lol I think I dabbled with it, list a couple of pounds but as I'd been doing it for so long tbh I got bored, and I do think I was making any REAL changes. Where as with WW I'm having much smaller portions, ladening on my plate with veg etc.

    I have only joined just to tell the people who are so sceptical about slimming world that it really does work.

    I was a size 12 going on 14 and Ive been at sw for 2months and I love it. Not only do I look forward to the talks and food tastings at the meetings but I love that basically any unhealthy food, theres a sw recipe for.

    Its pretty much a low fat diet, and for people who say you cant eat loads of food and still lose weight just dont have the balls to admitt when theyre wrong.

    I can tell you that I eat loooads, and Ive lost nearly a stone, and it would be more if it wasnt for my taste for wine at the weekends. Im 24 and I go along with my sister and her friend. My own brother will surely have a heart attack at some point in his life because of all the greasy unhealthy things he eats, and since I've been at sw he has been loving the meals I make, including HEALTHY sausage rolls and scotch eggs which taste as good if not better than the real thing.

    It has changed the way I look at food and even ready meals when I think about the fatty meat and all the oil thats used, all I want to do is go home and make something with my wee 1 cal spray.

    Whoops, didnt realise this was last year lol
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