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The yellow track toy... (a little bit about my kitcar) watch

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    In light of the new forum area i have been spurred on to write a bit about my kitcar.

    I remember at the age of maybe eight looking down on a small slightly odd looking car on the drive home from school one day and asking my mum what i was and why it had a registration number that started with a Q. Ever since the explanation of kitcars that followed ive been hooked on the idea of having a seven type and having shelf the idea about 12 years before, about half way through my uni placement i had a look at my increase bank balance and compaired it against the going rate for a kitcar, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    I'd had spend about 6months getting fully upto speed with makes and models, engine and gearbox choices, trackdays and club drives with various owner groups and a few kitcar shows.

    I decided that i didnt really have the facilitys or time to build a car from scratch, and the money side didnt really stack up for that so i started looking at second hand cars around the 3-4year old market. I looked at few tigers and mk indys but i really wanted something zetec based and it just wasnt happening for the budget. Then out of know where i got a bit of a tip off through pistonheads about a westfield that might be for sale for about my money in stoke, 20 minutes up the road from me in uttoxeter, i went to see it, slept on it, and agreed on £3750 the following day and drove it home.

    I had bought my own westfield!

    I wasnt a zetec, but as a 1.9l cvh, it was the next best thing. It certainly wasnt a crossflow (bit long in the tooth for my liking) or a pinto (which are a little heavy) and being a westfeild SE had a good pedigree.

    Sadly no paperwork for the engine, but presumed to be as sold, a 1600 block bored and stroked to 1905cc.
    Running on twin Dellorto DHLA 40's, tubular 4-2-1 exhast, ford motor sports rocker cover, oil cooler. Ive not dyno'ed it but aussming it is as sold it should be good for 130bhp. Standard ratio ford type9 box, ford english axle with 1:38 diff. Weighed at 550Kgs, so the right side of 200bhp/ton. 0-60 in around 5seconds or so on road tyres.

    I also bought a covered trailer as well, for a bargain of £925 as some where for it to live while im at university and dont have a garage.

    It also made it into a six page report in this months Total Kitcar for taking part in a Tour of the Alps this year. Before i bought it.

    The selling photo (emailed to me before i saw the car):

    Me with car:
    (I later paid near full price for that speed camera too, in the 306)

    Car on drive before i had the trailer (one of few hood up photos i have)

    Bonnet and nose removed.

    The trailer and towcar

    Alps article/photos (there were others better, but thats the only add free double spread:

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    Since i bought it i have done a little work to get it as i want it and to repair a few things as listed below.

    - ITG Sausage-type Airfilter
    - Second set of wheels
    - New set of tyres for above
    - Bucket Seats on sliders
    - Replace cracked windscreen
    - Replace rear brake cylinders
    - New aluminum body adjustable rear shocks
    - Megajolt mappable ignition system
    - Custom Braced Rollbar
    - Rear end paint and rebush
    - Custom Repackable Silencer

    To do:
    - Radiator and Fan
    - Redo exhaust wrap
    - Rear cluster plugs

    - Front end paint/rebush

    - Source and fit new diff and replace rear w/brgs.
    - Maybe make the trailer brakes work and the floor less holey.

    Over summer:
    - Go abroad touring for a bit.
    - Go to nurburg ring with lsumc.

    Dreamy future:
    - Rengine with my housemate spent zetec project, given to me because im cool... (andy?)
    - Have the time, money and inclination to race a season or two with the 750mc.

    I really, really wish you hadn't posted this. Because now I've got to go trawling the PH classifieds and try and restrain myself from getting one. Always loved the Seven style cars. Reason I never seriously looked into one before was because the garages were full of parents' cars. But now we're getting a barn built, which means I'd have plenty of space to keep one....

    Looks like you got a seriously good deal for the price you paid. Jealous. Very jealous!:yep:
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    Here we go, bit more...

    Car largly as bought, but note new wheels/tyres. (new to me anyway)

    Engine, inc the old sock-type filter which where totally rotten.

    As a few of you might know i had a bit of a baptism of fire when the first proper run out having bought it the starter motor solenoid fell of half way (had to bump start it out of the petrol station and having stalled it mid roundabout coming off the a50) and then moving it accross loughborough the engine died and wouldnt restart or run. Which later, having striped the carbs, dissy and had the rocker cover off turned out to be the cambelt that had jump a tooth, so although not enough to do damage or look overly out of time, knocked the ignition and valve timing right out.

    The car having been recovered home. (btw. only half that roofline is ours, its a largish semi not a mansion!!)

    Shortly after that it also transpired the breather was totally blocked up and if you ran it hard for a while the dipstick came out to compensate!

    The first main job was then to sort the seats.
    - The car came with the factory standard (looking good for 17yo) seats which werent very good unless you sat bolt upright against them and as the previous owner had moved the pedal box back, even i had 6ft2 had to slouch the reach them (and keep my head behind the screen) when killed you after about half an hour.

    Original seats

    Last time the tonneau fitted

    New seats arrive

    New seats fitted.

    New and freshly oiled ITG filter.

    The rear dampers where on my list for a while, infact, if im honest i should have picked it up from the testdrive.
    However they then failed the mot which bumped them up the list fairly pronto even as i managed to borrow one (*lol*) for the retest.

    New verse old

    Close up of old

    The mot also highlighted the handbrake effectiveness was down on one side.
    - This wasnt a fail, but was looked at anyway, when i rapidly become clear the brake cylinders where fubared while actually still just about working the gaters were spilt and removing the pistons was a mistake becuase the rust that came out never fitted back the same again! Still. £8 each...

    I always planned to by a rollbar for the car i will be doing fair number of trackdays and although they are very stable cars thw worst can always happen. That bar that came with it is the 'road bar' which is purely for aesthetic and to hold a 3point lap belt if fitted.
    - Due to my lanky nature a custom bar would been need as the westfield factory braced bar isnt really tall enough and also uses rose joints at the top of the rear stays.

    This photo shows me in the car, the lower line is to the height of the westfeild bar, the upper closer to what i specified.
    The line is drawn down to the top of the engine, the next secure feature up front. Dont forget clearance of a helmet too.

    Two photos of the car on track with the rollbar. (anti rollbar, however....)
    As you can see, the height looks about right, even if the roof now doesnt fit. Who needs a roof.
    The main bar is 1 3/4 inch CDS tube and the rear stays 1 1/2 inch thick wall ERW. Not bad for £100 inc fitting and powercoating.

    The diff had also started to whine as of my first trackday at Mallory with the WSCC lot.
    - I had been meaning to give the rear end a bit of a tidy so it seemed time to take the axle out and do a bit of work. While i had the axle out i also rebushed the trailing arms and panhard rod and stripped and repainting the chassis, which although sound in the main, had suffered 17years of stone chips to the exposed sections of chassis around the rear. I also replaced the two loom plugs to the rear clusters with AMPs waterproof plugs.

    Before and after shots.

    I have separate entry for the megajolt so that just about leaves the exhaust!
    - At snetterton i noise tested at 110dBa for a 105 limit day and although with some tweaking and wirewool got the tester to read 104 it was clear that my suspicions about the silencer being too small and proberbly empty where right. So its was back to spending money. I spend a while looking for production cars and off the shelf galv steel silencers of about the right size (2" straight through and as long as would fit!) but in the end it was back to getting out the chequebook and having one made for me.
    - You can pay a lot of money for a custom silencer but theres a bloke on the locost forums who makes tidy looking cans and i gave him a ring and got a quote. So £200 and a sheet of wallpaper and some crayoning later i put in an order with Paul Gooderham just before christmas for a custom silencer (2" straight and as big as would fit of cause) with a pipe and bracket to suit the current header and mounts in the car floor.

    1:1 Drawing for paul (current equip in green, new in red)

    Old vs new

    I also had to knock up a starter motor, its never mashed right since i got it and a few month ago i found out why.
    - The cvh which was used in both the fwd fiesta and rwd sierra had diffrent flyhweel for each app, simular, but the ring gear isnt the same pitch.
    - What i have is a fwd fiesta flywheel rather than a rwd sierra one, meaning when bolted to a rwd type9 box i need a hybrid starter using a fiesta rotor and pinion in a sierra housing. Apparently.

    So thats what this is, and for £20 for a fiesta starter and two hours messing about with a spanner, it seems to work for now.


    Black out your address fella!! You dont want your trialor disapearing in middle of night as some pikey transit tows it away!!

    Oh man I want one soooo bad! The parentals have banned me from having either a trailer or putting it in the garage! Life sucks!

    I was looking at the SEi, with a VX engine, on throttle bodies. So 200ish bhp, obviously in yellow or black. So I know what I want and I very nearly bought one in September and then the parents said I can't have the empty garage space, grrr! :mad:

    It was a bargain too at £6k.

    I then thought I would get a fast classic mini as that will take up less garage space, so found a 1.3 Turbo mini with 160bhp, considerably less at £3.2k but the parents said no to that as well!

    So, think I am going to have to buy a garage at some point and then get the cars to fill it! Arghhh!

    So annoying, when you have the money and can't spend it.

    Alas, I think I am going to have to get something more modern (and boring) like a diesel Seat Leon FR. 170bhp but still, borrrring.

    So yeh, I want one of these cars and I am well jealous, lol!


    Nice car though, with the new dampers and those fibreglass seats, i bet it is a lot of fun!

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    Haha, awesome.
    - The photos are from last year, so other than the fact its in loughborough the address isnt a concern. Its also parked the wrong way round down a long steep hedged drive.

    The seats are a lot more comfortable than they look as they just mould round to you perfect shape. Much better than the old ones certainly. If im going to be in in more than an hour i put a sheet of 5mm neopreme foam under my arse. With that, i can do hours of it. That and ear plugs.


    Yeh, I looked at a Westie with those fibreglass seats and I thought they would be proper uncomfortable and was going to be the first thing I was going to change, but after sitting in them and going on a spirited drive, they were brilliant, so supportive and surprisingly comfortable.

    Although I did have a numb bum after an hour or so! Think if you were going on a cruise somewhere, you would put a cushion on the seat first!

    Haha, yeh they are sodding noisy, but I love the noise! This could be because I am subjected to whacking great big diesel engines every day of my life for months on end though that it is pleasant to hear the noise of a naturally aspirated, carb'd petrol engine! Glorious!

    I just can't believe that petrol has got to the point of being so expensive that I am seriously considering buying a diesel. Clackety clack clack...this will be a very sad day. I know the modern ones you can't really hear they are diesel and they are very refined, but everytime you pull up at the petrol station, you have to fill up with diesel and get yourself covered in diesel residue on the handle because inept people cannot seem to get the diesel in the tank, rather spazz out and get it all over the nozzle! I have no idea how they achieve this.

    How much is your insurance? You insured with Sureterm?


    Oh is it a genuine ford escort RS1600i CVH engine??

    if so some ford nut will probably have it off you for a restoration project.

    If its just the camcover then sell it on ebay for a Tidy sum. You can pick up a boggo CVH camcover for a few pounds in a scrappy and ive seen some totally mint RS1600i camcovers go for £100 plus on Egay so you could make a few pennies there if your short of cash for other mods!

    Heres a damaged one!
    Hes already almost got £40 and its still 2 days to go.

    Obviously only when you plan to swap engines!!
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    Yeah, insured with highway, via sureterm.
    - Just over £500, fully comp, agree value of £4k, 3k miles and breakdown and legal.

    I done know the history of the engine, but its certainly 1985built 1600 block and head with the RS rocker cover. I was sold it as being a 1.9 which is not uncommon but i have no proof of this and as yet have not had the head off to confirm this. Engine was previously in a fast feista and replaced a 1900cc engine that i do have the paper work for after it suffered terminal damage.

    Housemates just offered me a 1800zetec project (full engine from donar, and a brand new bottom end) which is very tempting. He's gone stright to duratech but although its a great engine i dont think thats for me.


    if your thinking 1800 zetec you might as well fit a 2000 zetec. same basic block size and dimensions with extra torque and power.

    Although something all alloy would be in better keeping with the lightwieght pretensions of a westie!

    of course you could go insane and fit 400bhp of cosworth YB in it for some comedy moments!! Theres a few cosworth powered westies about now!!
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    Most fit the 1800 as the waterpump/sump/flywheel/clutch/weight is better, and with the 2l cams it in you get simular power outputs for a lot less effort. With a tubular exhaust, twin carbs, megojolt ignt (all just moved over from the cvh with some modication) and a tune up, it should be ok for 150bhp ish.
    (Stock the 1,8 is 115ps, 2,0 is 136ps, and 1,8 with 2,0l cams is 310ps as use in some spec levals)

    Engine for sale for £40, plus obviously work to fit it, and the bits needed.
    £25 for a new exhaust flange
    £25-30 for the 2l '130ps' cams
    £80 for an inlet manifold
    Possible £60 for rod bolts
    Maybe another £80 if i got hydro clutch (prolly not)
    £150 ish for tuning which the cvh needs anyway


    you can swap all the ancilliary bits from a 1800 to 2000 zetec. Its what they do to fit them in fiestas etc so it has all the same fitting bits and bobs but the extra torque and pound for pound better gains long term. Also popular when the turbo conversions are done!

    to be fair your lucky to get 130ps on the 1.8. Ford claims you do, as in the fiesta RS1800's and some escort GTI's but very view make 130. Its more between 120 and 125ps on so called '130' spec engines.

    you can get the 1.8 bits off any fiesta/escort zetec in scrappy for pennies. a 2.0 engine wont cost much either.
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    Yeah, theres a lot going for it, no replacement for displacement as you say! 2.0l silver top would very much look the part.

    Not much of note has happened with the car recently. Although the recent weather and the change to bst has ment a few nice evening drive in the thing which eases the pain of the last two months of my degree (five years down, 2months to go!) and i also bought a £30 secondhand bootbox to chop up to fit around the roll bar (save choping mine, incase i sell the car without the rollbar) and ive also got some 50mm lighting clamps im going to use to make a bike rack of the rear roll bar too so that i should be able to get two mountain bikes on the back and some kit and go away for a weekend with it.

    Last uni summer vac ever, here i come!


    Just a thought.. Why a Ford engine? I know adapter plates or gearbox swaps arent easy.. But there are many better options... Something Vtec or similar, no point running through suggestions as there are quite alot.. basically you can have 200 bhp before mods - then theres always turbo lumps like the 200sx engine, if a v6 would fit i know the fto mpx engine has about 200bhp..

    what about a bike engine? Theres a company who do a shaft drive conversion for the popular bike engines and a reversing transfer box.. I can see why you'd want to stick to a Zetec for simplicity, and there are alot of go faster bits out there for them, if you do get a zetec don't use your mates.. get a 2 litre.. they stupidly cheap anyway!

    Personally.. (Depending on cash but ideally...) i'd stick a hayabusa engine in it.. 180bhp and that noise... oh yes

    They are cheap basically! And a lot of kit cars use the Zetec or Vaux XE engine so there is a lot of experience with them. They are dependable and parts are cheap. Plus, quite a few of the classes for racing westfields depends on you having one of those two types of engines.

    So that is why you would use a Zetec or Vauxhall XE engine in one of these cars. The XE can pump out 200bhp with a few mods, which is enough in a car that weighs about 700kg!

    Personally, when I get mine, I am thinking about putting a Honda F20C engine in it with the same transmission. However, it is a bit of an arse because of all the electrics and computer system means you have to modify the loom and in doing that you can **** up royal.

    But hey, it will be awesome if it works!

    Bike engines are pretty **** in cars, they are not designed to move that much weight, on a track they are fine but you have to really rev them to get them anywhere, which means around town and in traffic they are rubbish and to make matters worse, due to the lack of torque in a bike engine, you have to rebuild the engine often.

    this looks awesome i've always wanted to do something like this for track days but i don't have any knowledge of cars at all so there's no way i'd be able to maintain the car/change parts like you have I'd love to get into this kind of stuff but i have no idea how i would get into it because i'm assuming learning all this stuff is very much a hands on thing? in which case i don't have a car to play around with so i could read all the books but be completely clueless when presented with the real thing.
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