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keep this cage? help make my mind up watch

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    so I bought the habitrail ovo suite with an added maze yesterday, with a plan to add it on to my tank and rotastak - 2 round units, 2 kidney units and a double pod, but it won't fit in the space I have!

    this is what I have now, except it's on shelves now not on a dresser

    this is the ovo without the maze attached (same size as orange bit)

    I can't decide whether to just return it, keep it and make it work somehow or keep it for when I get some dwarf hamsters (probably when my gerbils die and I'll have the rotastak spare) or maybe just keep it as a place to put the gerbils and mice when I clean them out.

    here are my pros and cons

    + large front access (the rotastak is piss poor as far as getting the animals out goes)
    + easy to clean
    + pretty good price.
    + no chewable tube ends
    + no clips to lose

    - doesn't fit on my shelves unless I take some more out
    - takes up a lot of space compared to the space the animals gain
    - doesn't stack like the rotastak.
    - dwarf hamsters/mice won't be able to get up the tunnels if they're upright.
    - main unit has an opaque base so you can't really see unless it's low down
    - maze unit is transparent but blue instead of clear
    - water bottle system is crappy
    - no climbing space for dwarf hammies or mice.


    Sounds like what you already have is more of a benefit to your pets - I mean from looking at your setup they already have ample space and plenty of tunnels to keep them occupied. That little Ovo like you say isn't going to add an awful lot in comparison to the trouble you'd have to go to, to make it work. Plus nothing worse than a poor water bottle system - those things leaking in my guinea pigs hutch are the bane of my life! I mean yes it might be useful to put the gerbils in when you clean them, but a small cardboard box works just as well or you could just shut them in one area, clean the rest then swap over. I used to do that with my hamsters - they were cute chinese striped, my guinea pigs just stay in the hutch or go on the lawn.

    I'd just take it back, I'd rather have the money in my pocket. You never know you might see something more suitable to buy and if you decide down the line taking the Ovo back was a mistake just buy another one.

    Do your gerbils really use all of that :eek3:
    Whenever I've had hamsters they'd just stay in one area and ignore everywhere else :p:

    Well if you get dwarf hammys and they can't use it well because of the upright tubes and crappy water thingy maybe you should take it back? But it does seem like a good idea to have somewhere safe to put your Gerbils when you clean their cages.

    I didn't help did I :o:
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    cheers guys

    I did get it all sorted when I had another go but I think i'll take your advice and return it. I only clean one of the gerbil cages each week as they don't pee/crap anywhere else so cleaning isn't really an issue, I think I was just looking for excuses.

    Think I might just replace the gross pink rotastak tubes with nice green habitrail ones - cheaper, space saving and they come apart easier.

    and yeah, the gerbils do use all of it - I tend to put different things in each compartment and every time I rearrange I put the bedding in the wrong place so they can spend a while dragging it through the tunnels to where they want it.

    Sorry i have no thoughts on what you are asking, really your choice!

    But i just had to say i would be super happy if i was your gerbil- that looks amazing for them compared to the standard tank/cage most people keep them in!!
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