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Weird period - iron deficiency? watch

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    Before I start I'll just say that I know that TSR isn't a substitute for my GP and that people here aren't qualified to diagnose me. But I can't get to the doctor's just yet and would be nice to have some idea of whether I should be worrying until I can!

    My period has started and the menstrual blood is brown and has quite lots clots/lumpy bits in it. I know menstrual blood can be brown but this doesn't usually happen to mine til towards the end of my cycle.

    Wondered if anyone knows if this is something that will go away or whether I'll need any further check ups/medication etc. I know it's not 'normal' in the sense that my periods have never been like this before but is it abnormal enough to be something wrong with me?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Forgot to add:
    I've been feeling eally tired recently, seemingly no matter how much sleep I get. I wondered if the two things could be linked hence wondering if it could be an iron defficiency.

    I have a slight pain in my lower abdomen but not the same sort of pains I usually get with my period which is odd but probably not a bad thing.
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    Sounds normal enough to me. The brownness just means it's older blood.

    I once had a couple which were black :shifty: fun times.

    see how the rest of your period goes til you can make it to your gp. it might just be an odd month! ill/run down?
    if you're worried go to your gp though
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    I'm iron deficient and I get waterfalls of bright red blood - hence why I'm iron deficient. (sorry if tmi) Also get dizzy and lightheaded sometimes.

    Of course, you might be iron deficient, but this is the way it is for me. And also, a sign of iron deficiency is hair loss, and I've been losing quite a bit for a year or so - thats what prompted me to go see my gp in th efirst place, and how I found out it was because of my heavy periods I seem to be iron deficient. I just got told to take supplements, and my irons creeping up slowly again.
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