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Would I be unreasonable to dump my boyfriend over this? watch


    What happened in the past stays in the past.
    It would be stupid to act on what he was like before.

    My boyfriend has definitely been around the block. He's shagged pretty much everybody - even using the odd prostitute. That particular bit was a little hard to digest. But all this occurred when he was in his teens and a bit of a wild child. He's 24 now. Got a good job, a nice flat, plans for the future and he's a wonderful boyfriend. So it cant be an issue any more.

    (Original post by munchkin88)
    I have the model boyfriend; caring, would never cheat, extremely devoted and loyal. He's clearly head over heels in love with me as everyone always comments on it. His past however, is a completely different story. Before we met he had only ever been single, and did stuff like have sex with randomers he met in clubs, have sex in cars...that kind of thing. It's clear that he's a different person now he's with me, but it's on my mind quite a bit when I think about a serious future with him. In the past I never would have considered getting serious with someone who had such a "laddish" reputation, but do you think it would be silly to end it over what's in the past?
    You have kind of contradicted yourself here. You say he's a model boyfriend, but you are unhappy with his past. A model boyfriend should have a clean past, just for you, right?

    Come on, it is the past for a reason. There is nobody who has a perfect past, and if they claim they have, they're a liar. Sorry. Nobody is perfect.

    He had sex in cars, dear God! The man-slut! Come on now, let's be serious. Nearly everyone has pulled in a nightclub, and many have had sex as a result. It's what teenagers and young adults tend to do. It may not be ideal, but it is what happens.

    Do you honestly think it is fair to hold his past against him? Mistakes are made and are irrevocable. Attempting to change and make up for past mistakes is the best he can do. Isn't that enough? In addition, like you yourself said, he is clearly in love with you.

    I'd say you'd be very unreasonable to dump him solely because of his 'laddish' past.
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