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Very tight foreskin- definitely Phimosis watch

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    Basically, I have incredibley tight foreskin. It's very painful when erect to even try retracting it, and it's even painful when retracting whilst flaccid, I can't even get it past the head then. I also have a painful burning sensation when p'ing, so essentially if I don't have Phimosis, I feel sorry for whoever does.

    I have tried the stretching technique, but it just is too painful and it doesn't seem to help in the slightest. There's also the added problem of cleanliness; it's almost impossible to keep clean inside the foreskins/around the head. In fact, the reason I'm bothering to do something about it now is because I have recently got a girlfriend, and I would want to able to actually do stuff. I have had sex before, but I didn't have the same problem back then somehow.

    So what exactly am I supposed to do? I know that there's circumcision, and it's something I'm considering, but I don't really know how to go about it. I mean, I'm only 16, and this isn't exactly the kind of thing I'd want to go to my parents about, I'd want to do it discreetly without them knowing pretty much.

    I just don't know how/where to go.

    Get circumcised?

    Go to the doc, they've seen it all before, and you can book an appointment without your parents knowing (ask for a male doc tho, lol), although if you do get it sorted they'll know. My friend had it done before Christmas - had to stay overnight in the hospital because of mild complications, hurt like a ***** for a couple of weeks (poor sod was limping around his house), but he's fine now, although he's got a couple of weeks til he's supposed to use it, ifyaseewhatImean.

    Sounds like it's best to get it over and done with, and you can mumble that you've been to the docs and need to get circumcised, didn't want to bother them...? You can have the conversation in less than a minute if you plan ahead.
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    I had the same thing mate, my foreskin wouldn't retract and it was obviously pretty painful during intercourse.

    First thing to do is get an appointment with your GP and get them to check it out (it's likely they'll prescribe you some sterile cream to try loosen your foreskin). Hopefully that works, but if not you might need to get circumcised. I just got circumcised a few days ago and it's incredibly painful and sensitive just now (healing) so I'd advise you to think long and hard about it.

    There are steroid creams that can help with phimosis. There's also a minor op where they cut a tiny portion of skin that connects the underneath of your glans to your foreskin, to help it retract. If those two options don't work, circumcision is the way to go, although be prepared for some loss of sensitivity as a result. Still, it's better than not being able to manage sex at all. Make sure you explore all the options thoroughly first.
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    LOL at everyone posting get circumcised straight away at least try stretch it and get steroid cream if need be.. it takes time and isn't instant but its better than weeks of healing and pain
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    Just stretch it, i had the same it took me a few months of doing it gently and all turned out just fine.

    doctors are great
    My ex had it and the first doctor didnt know what to do so he went for a second opinion and found a not so useless doctor.

    He gave him 2 options - circumcision or stretching. he chose stretching. He was given a steroid cream and the cream made it so much more cofortable and made it go away soo much quicker!

    Just make an appointment and ask for a male doctor if you feel like you need to. The receptionist wont question you

    My BF got circumcised for the same problem. OK, it hurt for a week or so, but after that it was fine. I much prefer it now - looks nicer, is cleaner and because it's more sensitive, sex lasts longer than with uncircumcised guys.

    hot bath, slowly stretch. A bit of vaseline (or lube I guess) can help. If you get hold of a steroid cream you can try putting a little bit on the tight bit when its retracted a couple of times a day for a few weeks which should help. Failing that, surgery may be an option.
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    you don't need a full circumcision, you can get a preputioplasty
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