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Why is she ignoring me? watch

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    Ok, so there’s this girl in my class, which I’ve fancied for quite a while now and I finally had the guts to ask her out on a date. I would have done it before, but lets just say I never really had the opportunity.

    Either way, I remember her not seeming too enthusiastic about the whole thing (or maybe/hopefully she was just nervous as well) but she did give me her phone number in the end, so I’m guessing it couldn’t have gone that bad. Now I’ve been trying to call her a few times yesterday and today (nothing unusual, just 2-3 times at normal hours), but she doesn’t seem to answer and has literally disappeared from facebook.

    So my question is, is she just purposely ignoring me because it’s supposed to somehow make me more interested in her, or because she simply doesn’t like me?

    Seriously girls, why do you have to do these things?

    probably she just isnt interested but doesnt want to hurt you or have the guts to tell you..unlucky, go find someone else

    Sorry, but I agree with above ^

    Don't try too hard, will just push her further away. Although maybe send a short and to the point text to make sure you know for certain. Something like:

    Hey, I tried calling but got no reply. Was wondering if you're still up for *whatever you were planning to do*? But, if you're having second thoughts I'd rather you told me because I'm a bit confused at the moment!

    Simple - but she'll appreciate your honesty and might be more inclined to reply via text as opposed to the phone. It's only fair of you to ask. If she says yes, brilliant. If she says no, spend your energy on someone else
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    I also agree, and I'm sory and am in a similar situation. Well done for asking her out. A simple text would be good though; 'Hey, just wondering if you're you still up for *whatever,* no worries if not, just let me know.' I'm sure that'll do. And try and get her out of your head if she doesnt reply of replies negatively. Best of luck.
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