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    Anon or delete please.

    I've been seeing this guy for about four months or so, although we havent actually seen each other that many times because we live a few hours apart (we were friends before I moved for uni). He's giving me really mixed signals and I'm not sure whether he's just playing it cool or if he's just seeing this as a sexual relationship (despite our apparent friendship!).

    The main things that make me wonder if he's that interested:
    He turns up late/whenever he feels like it - always
    We don't see each other very often & it's always me that has to suggest we get together
    He leaves pretty much as soon as we've had sex in the morning
    He barely texts me inbetween seeing each other

    And..confusing things that make me think he is interested!
    He does seem to listen/remember things I say
    He's very shy/reserved which makes me think a lot the mixed signals may be due to this rather than lack of interest
    He does all the travelling - so surely if it was just sex he would find someone a bit more convienet?!
    He never initiates sex/kissing but when I do he practically rapes me! (very passionate anyway!)
    He got me some really thoughtful things for christmas - men are usually awful at this too!
    He's told his friends we're boyfriend/girlfriend - even though we've not had this conversation ourselves
    My friends say he seems really into me
    He was apparently crazy about me for ages before we got together

    As you can see it's a bit varied. I'm crazy about him and just wish I could understand him a bit better. I'm going to talk to him about it but don't want to terrify him by being too unfront because like I said he is pretty shy. He really does give nothing away and it's frustrating having the constant mind **** with all these mixed signals. One minute I'm thinking it's getting better and he's opening up a bit and the next he'll be really distant and a bit cold.

    Any advice? Either from people who've known men like this or are like this themselves! It driving me crazy. Like I said we hardly see each other (every couple of weeks or so) then I spend the rest of the time wondering whats going on. I always thought men were easy to read.

    (Bumped as this took a while to approve)

    seems familiar... lol

    Read "He's just not that into you". Then think it over.
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