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How to know if it's over?... watch

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    I'm in a LDR, due to unis and we live at different sides of the country.

    I know it's always hard being in a LDR and I know this thread might seem a bit silly but I needed to rant or know what people thought.

    So yeah been with my boyfriend coming up three years this easter, and i am crazy about him or at least i was...
    and i still think i am. its just ive started doubting us, ever since this christmas holidays where he basically said he wasnt sure i still felt the same way and that we'd changed.

    Saying that it sounds like it's over. but ever since we had that talk we've sort of been fine.
    as in he seems perfectly happy now i've told him i am crazy about him and want to be with him always. but for me it's gone the other way.

    now despite my feelings not having changed for him, i just feel like i dont know if we love eachother anymore. like i still love him, he's my best friend. and i still fancy him. but the fact that HE doubted US makes me doubt us.

    It seems ridiculous but I just wanted opinions? I know the stress of the LDR takes its toll.
    and i'm going to see him this weekend- but at the moment i dont want to. because im scared i'll say something and ruin the thing i thought was perfect (well as perfect as a r-ship can be :P).

    I feel like I can't ring him as much or talk to him about it until I see him because I hate the thought of freaking him out by being needy.
    So now im trying not to call him or anything. and it just feels so weird.

    like basically we were good and happy. then christmas was a bit odd (i was stressed for other reasons but didnt think i was too bad) and then ever since we talked, i just feel so confused over us.

    Thanks for any advice, know its just a big rant.
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    LDRs are a ridiculous strain. I recommend talking to LDR soc people. I just ended mine of nearly 2 years but it was for different reasons; we were growing apart.

    For you it just sounds like a seed of doubt was stuck in your mind by your bf, who may have just been thinking aloud. It probably grew because you can't actually see each other much? Don't force yourself to not be needy if he's ok with it! Just be natural and be yourself .

    Have a think to yourself, but do see your bf because it will probably help, even if just to revaluate what you feel. not seeing him wont. And be kind to yourself, dont beat yourself up for having the feelings because they are totally normal Good luck.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Good luck.

    thanks for the advice .
    your right i was just getting ott n stressed about it.
    I shall just go see him and see how it goes. it probably is just not seeing him.

    x I'd rep if you weren't anon!
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