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    Ok so I am not exactly a mistress but I fear that I soon shall be....

    It's your basic love story: girl meets boy, girl thinks boy is single, girl engages in mild flirtations, continues to do so, girl discovers boy isnt single, gets really mad and stops speaking to him [then blogged about it as is my job], boy reads blog, boy apologises for flirtations and asks to remain friends, girl agrees as boy is funny, girl resists temptation for a few months, boy confesses feelings for girl, girl confesses feelings for guy, messy love triangel ensues but technically girl and guy are just friends and have done nothing wrong...yet

    Now I have given myself all the 'this is wrong, you will burn in hell speeches' but i figured if my made my shame public then someone would convince me to end this madness

    or tell me it was ok so my conscience would be free

    also now i really like him and I am sure common sense should tell me that the other woman never wins this battle SO again- feel free to tell me im crazy...only dont be too mean as i am really confused right now

    Also - all females in relationships please dont stone me or throw rotten fruit at me - i am usually a very pleasant and selfless person...

    (Bumped as this took a while to approve)

    Ask the lad to leave his missus to be with you, but cheating is wrong!!

    I've seen a few people in this situation, and I'm really sorry to say it but they've always been burned in the end. It'll either be situation A: The boy promises to leave the girl but never really gets around to it. B: The boy leaves the girl but then does the same exact thing to another girl who thinks he's single. or C:The girlfriend finds out!

    From what you've said, you're obviously clever and witty and there are plenty of guys out there looking for someone like you, some girls too actually though I digress...

    I know it's not what you want to hear and I wish I could say it'll all be okay but chances are you'll end up hurt and it's best for you to move on from it. IF he is serious about you then something should happen soon, if not, I'd forget about it.

    *Note: I am aware men and women do these things, nothing I've said is generalisation because there are always variables.

    Sorry, why is it your JOB to blog about the private matters of your love life?!

    Belle De'Jour is that you?

    ******* him for admitting feelings for you when he knows that you like him and when he is not planning to leave his girlfriend. It's unfair on you.

    Don't become his other woman - not for his girlfriend's sake but for your own.
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    I really don't think you are crazy.
    I am in a similar situation. Mine's more; girl meets boy and they become friends, boy tells girl about job vacancy at his work, girl gets job and falls for boy who has girlfriend. Boy tells girl he has feelings for her.... cue months of suffering.

    You and me both know we'll the ones who'll get hurt. Clearly if he likes someone else his relationship with his girlfriend can't be great. So it gives you that ***** called "hope" that maybe some day it will work out well.
    When thinking rationally I'm also well aware this isn't the case. Upon seeing or speaking to said boy, this doesn't matter and they become rather glued to your thoughts.

    "tell me it was ok so my conscience would be free". I know you can't help who you fall for but we know it isn't ok. For a start it's not fair on the girlfriend she didn't sign up for this when she went out with him -but "ending the madness" isn't exactly the easy option either.

    If you can end it, then I would strongly recommend that you do. As much as it will hurt now, it will be a lot less than when/if it goes tits up.
    My work contract finishes in a few months, I plan on holding out til then.
    I hope you manage to work things out. If you happen to come across a miracle cure for this situation or a very good assassin, let me know.

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