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Feeling bad about showing interest in girls, for some reason... watch


    You're way too harsh on yourself, and that combined with your lack of confidence is holding you back. As someone else mentioned, you don't look young at all in your profile picture. I reckon if you changed your thinking all of the added (and unnecessary) worries would go away.

    You'll find girls way easier at a party or summin, just get chatting to them and peck them on the cheek, close to the mouth so if they want a kiss they can get it easily :p: in clubs just dance really wild-like and keep laughing, it works! Or gets some attention at least lol

    (Original post by mazza558)
    University was the first time I started going out - before then it was house parties. I've just never had much confidence in myself - I guess these feelings come from being seen as 'weird' in primary school, for no particular reason. Thus, I feel 16 rather than 18 due to the lack of experience. My flatmates are great, though, and I've managed to fit in with a lifestyle which I feel too young for. I'm like this (the shyness) everywhere, not just in clubs. Perhaps it's the times I've failed at trying to start relationships which have made me feel more nervous about messing things up in the future.
    Don't let your scars from school affect you. Normally I'm a bubbly and ultra-sociable person but there was a period at uni when I was so depressed I spoke to no one. I would literally sit there in silence despite people trying to initiate conversation which led to a lot of people thinking that I'm a shy and boring person - when nothing could be further from the truth! Don't pigeon hole yourself as someone lesser or inferior to anyone else - you can be whoever you want to be! Don't over-analyse things, loads of ugly/fat/unsuccessful guys get girls (not that you're any of those things)...but they do...why? Because they are confident and respect themselves. Eventually, a girl will come along who will like you for who you are...but if you keep holding back no one will see that side of you! Let go of the past, there's a reason why it's called the past. Don't dwell on it and think of little things you can do to increase your confidence day by day, till you lose sight of the insecurities you carry with you.
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